Fat Girls Are Sweet

One time, I was horny on a Sunday, so I called my favorite escort service. Usually, they have pretty hot girls, but this time they sent me to the apartment of a fairly fat woman. The apartment thing was weird, too, because their girls usually worked out of motel rooms. My guess is that Sunday was an off day, that most of their girls weren't working, and that this fat chick in her apartment was the only girl they could find.

In spite of a being a pro, this girl was vey insecure about her weight. She asked me what other girls from the service I had been with, and when I told her, she apologized for not being as pretty as they were. She seemed really surprised when I told her I wanted to have sex with her; she probably thought I just wanted a blow job or hand job or something. She took off her clothes and stood in front of me in her naked, voluptuous splendor, then asked me again if I was sure I wanted to have sex. "I'm not too ugly for you?" she asked. I told her I definitely wanted to have sex, even after seeing her naked, and she seemed pleasantly surprised.

First thing, she gave me an incredible blow job. It was like having an industrial strength vaccuum cleaner hooked up to my penis. One of the best sucks I've ever had. Then she flopped over on her back, and I got on top of her and had a really nice ride. After I finished, she got me some "clean-up," i.e. tissues from the bathroom, and she insisted on taking off my condom and wiping my penis off herself. Then we sat around naked for a while longer, chatting, before we slowly got dressed. It was a very sweet lay, and I still often think about her, for example when I'm ************.

chrismccarthy chrismccarthy
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Love it!!

Great post! you both enjoyed it.

Amazing bro

i hear they have very tight ******

men described mine as being tight so that myth must be true.

It is

my top choice is a bigger girl !

Its nothing worng with a big big girl they can get down to Iam thick girl come to find out men like that alot sme undercover but hay that up to you .

Big girls aren't fragile :)

nice comment

hey big girls can get their groove on too :)

i have been with skinny, chubby' and big girls and i much prefer a girl with weight on her so awsome

Awww thats so sweet :)

WoW! Chrismccarthty.....just wow! thanks for sharing...