Great Lines

Father Dougal:  Bishops love sci-fi!
Father Ted:  Dougal, we are not watching Aliens!!!

Father Ted:  That's the great thing about Catholicism. It's so vague and no one really knows what it's about.

Father Dougal:  God, Ted. D'you remember that fella who was so good at fashion they had to shoot him?

Father  Ted Crilly: So... let me get this straight. You were up on an old man, riding him around and whipping him. For an hour.
Father Dougal McGuire:  Yes.
Father Ted Crilly:  You realise that image will stay with me for the rest of my life?

Father Ted Crilly:  You're supposed to be taking Jack for his walk.
Father Dougal McGuire:  Well erm, the cliffs were closed for the day.
Father Ted Crilly:  How can the cliffs be closed Dougal?
Father Dougal McGuire:  OK no, it wasn't that. They were gone
Father Ted Crilly:  Gone? The cliffs were gone. How could they just disappear?
Father Dougal McGuire:  Erosion.

I love Father Ted so many great moments in it.
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Hell yeah! British shows FTW!!!<br />
Father Ted is a pretty feckin' sweet show.<br />
<br />
"DRINK! DRINK! (after a few seconds of silence and staring directly at the camera, he breaks the fourth wall) FECK OFF!"<br />
<br />
Dry humor is the ****.