I like feederism but the one thing i'm started to get annoyed and tired of is all of these people messaging me asking me how my gain is going i'm currently not trying to gain weight or get bigger I of course have fantasies of someone stuffing me until i'm completely full and stuffed beyond belief but right now I'm getting more into helping during stuffing and encouraging people who want to gain weight and things like that
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Hi! You could encourage me to gain since im a big gainer and im 18!

I'm in much the same boat. Yes I'm fat, and I've gained some weight just for my love for eating, but I'm not exactly trying to gain at this point. I'm interested in the fantasy of gaining. I love talking about that with people, whether it be a simple discussion or a full-fledged roleplay. For me, that's enough. The act of gaining in real life is irrelevant as far as I'm concerned.

yeah i'm much more into encouraging someone while stuffing to keep eating and stuff land talking about fantasies and stuff like that but i have no interest in actively trying to gain weight

Could you help me get fatter?

I'm not into gaining weight myself (I'm somewhat fit) but I've always wanted to stuff a woman beyond reason, and watch her gain a slight amount of weight (not anything ponderously, dangerously huge though).

Hi can u txt me plz

Hi can u txt me

I have fantasies about feeding a woman