Tights And Leotard - a straight man

You are alone and now is the time. You go in to the bedroom where you know that outfit is. You know the place to find them 2 important items of clothing. You know the reward is so great and your heart is beating so fast. Its the kick you love. The names of those nylon stretchy items is enough right now, but you must have more. You visualise your body wearing the pure hosiery.

Seeing those sheer to waist pantyhose hanging in your hangs so small looking compared to your legs is too much to resist. You pull them on taking time from your toes to your waist, adjusting them everywhere until the pantyhose cling as if luxury silky skin. Touching and feeling your legs, groin and bum. Running your hands around your waist. Looking in the mirror and feeling hot.

Then picking up the little black turtle neck leotard and making it tight over your body is now so exciting. Getting your body covered up with tight black nylon is everything you want on earth right now. You thread those nylon encased legs into the leotard. You pull the elastic sexy garment up both legs and those holes finds your groin. You are hard and wet as the constriction of the lower garment hugs your waist. The feminine cut of the leotard is hot and complimentary. You check your shiny body again in the mirror. You get hold of those pantyhose by their waistband and pull to check for tortness as and say their name. They are still up high and the waistband is flat and the seams central and correct. Hell now so excited and can't go back!

The mirror is checked and sees you holding that leotard just below the tights waistband. You rotate to see your bum and you carry on up to chest height. Then you need to thread those arms one by one down those tight tubes of the leotard. Both arms are pulled up and then corrected so all the leo seams sit nicely in place. The front zip is a sexy little sound as it ascends to your neck.

Done, and you really are done as you realise the electric feeling. The full picture is hot. The feel of yourself is hotter. The mirror doesn't lie, you are now sexually dressed. You are hot in yourself and you're sexy little outfit. What was once a pack down small pair of pantyhose and leotard in now fully stretch over your enlivened body. You smooth your body with your hands and want yourself with hot lust.
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Jan 21, 2013