Strong Black Woman

ThereAbout fifteen years ago I was going thru a divorice, and was lonely. I started seeing a sexxi younger black woman, she was in her early twenties, very outspoken and strong willed. We had been dateing a month or so, and I was thrilled with her dominant ways in the bedroom. I was just learning about some of the dirty kinky sexual things that turned her ***** wet,and my white **** hard. She called me one Friday night, and told me to get her a pack of newports and a case of micholob. She said it was shirees birthday and I needed to bring 50 bucks to put in her card.. so I did my earends and showed up at the birthday girls apartment aropund 9. My Mistress and one otherblackchick were there with the birthday girl who was turning 30... I didn't know at the time that my mistress was a femdom. As I steeped inside the apartment, expecting a birthday party, I didn't realize that I was the entertainment. Soon as the door was closed my mistress was standing there glareing and demanding to know what the **** took me so long.. I had no answers and she slapped my face quick and hard. She toldnme to ***** right there, I hesitated about half a second to long and she ***** other cheek. I realized shement business. And I started to unbutton my shirt, I glanced at hereafter myshirtwas on the floor, and got another stinging slap. I hurried with my pants and shorts, and noticed the other 2 women there were staring and smiling as they watched her beat me down. Soon as I was named she toldnme to kneel and get a smoke for her. Then she toldnmeni was gonna be her pet and I would bring everyone there beers.and litethere smokes. Icrawlwd on the floor all night serveing there micholobs.and liteing there cigarets. They stared watching **** on cable and after a few minutes my mistress toldnme to kneel between her legs and smell her black *****.. The sent was like a viagra,it went from my nose to my little white **** and iwas hard in about a minute. She laughed and told her friends to look at my littlle erection. She made me kneel in the middle of the floornand show them how i jacked my little white **** off. They all watched and laughed, then she toldnthem atleast I had a nice tounge. And she to come lick herblack *****. She had her pants unzipped and had me pull them down. I got between herthighs and picked and sucked her **** whileshe heldmmy head and got wetter and wetter. She pushed me away after she came in aflood of juice, and told.mentor lick and suck Anna's black ***** too...I licked and sucked her friend, and she made me lick the juice thatran down Anna's *** crack. Then she to lay in themiddle of the floor cause the birthday girl was gonna ride my tounge. The birthday girl fed me her *** and made me lick her butthole for along time,then she moved down and mouthwith her ***. My coco was so hard and so close, but my mistress wouldn't let me touch it. I layer there with the birthday girls black ***** all over my face. My mistress asked if whee was gonna give me a present and she said she was. So she equated over my face,and to rub my worthless white ****, I started to jack it and she spread her ***** lips and squirted hot pies in my mouth and all over my face. She squirted about 3 beers worth of hot pies all over my face and chest. I started to *** as soon as it hit me and they all laughed at my pissy face and body. They gave me a few minutes then kickednme out of the party....
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It was nice of the author to write in but I would rather thank his mistress.
Just once i would like to be the subject of a store instead of the reader.
Scott in Healdsburg CA

i see i typed so fast with my one hand i made lots of typos....