My Wifes Hairy Armpits

My wife recently had to go into hospital for a serious Operation and was off work for 6 weeks. During the first few weeks she could'nt shave her underarms so decided to leave them natural. I was amazed how quick they grew and after 4 weeks they were beginning to get nice and furry and I admitted to her I thought they look sexy.....she wasnt sure and kept asking me if I wanted her to shave them. I persuaded her not to and it now 2 months since she last shaved and they look amazing. She loves me playing with them....kissing, stroking and licking them and it turns her on so much. Yesterday we had our first session since her op and she *********** as i played with her hairy armpits and had her first ****** for 2 months!!!......later on she told me she had played with herself as she stroked and licked her hairy armpits too.....she said hadnt realised how sexy having hairy armpits was and she known she would have never have started shaving!!

Would love to hear from others who share this interest and would welcome any suggestions as to what to try next


Jason and Kate
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When I was 12-13 years old I saw an older female at the beach who must've been in her late teens/early 20's with fully unshaven armpits. It was the first time I'd seen a female that way because here in the USA as we all know most females are born with a razor in their hand. While my guy friends who were there were either getting grossed out and/or making jokes, I was experiencing quite possibly the biggest, hardest, and quickest erection I'd ever had up until that point in my young life. To this day I have no idea why both my brain and penis reacted so powerfully and to this day I do not care. It opened up another channel sexually for me and that was what was and is the most important. Fast forward about 6 years later and I had met a wonderful young girl my age who was everything I wanted. I had never before brought up to any of my previous girlfriends about my attraction to hairy armpits, just kind of kept it as a private fantasy. But this girl made me think about doing it because she was so open minded. Well the sex gods must've been reading my mind because they REALLY made the "stars line up". What happened is after we were together about a year and had got our first apartment together, the company I worked for sent myself and a few other workmates to an onsite job many miles away, so we would be staying there for the duration and which was supposed to last for 6 weeks. It was the first time my girl and I had been apart for this long. Anyway she knew the date I was supposed to be home but as it turned out we finished the job about a week early and I decided to not tell her I was going to be home early and surprise her. I was horny as hell for her and had planned on just walking in and taking her right to bed. Anyway I got home with a bouquet of flowers and she was indeed surprised and just as horny as I was but as I started to undress her she stopped me suddenly and said "Oh sh*t!! I need to do something first" I thought initially that she had to remove her tampon but then realized it wasn't that time of the month for her so I asked her what was wrong. She replied that since I wasn't home, she wanted to try something that she had always wanted to do. I asked her what and she said that she had wanted to see how she would look going unshaven for a while and decided to do it while I was away because she thought like most American guys, I wouldn't like it. Unbelievably my mind drew a blank because I was thinking of her pubic hair....this was in the early 80's when although most American women trimmed their "bikini lines", their actual "bushes" were almost always kept intact as was I asked her what she meant. She pulled her t-shirt off and raised her arms exposing the 2 hairiest armpits on a woman I've ever seen to this day. She had and has more hair under one arm than most guys have in both of theirs including yours truly. In retrospect the amount she had/has shouldn't have come as a surprise because she has a phenomonally hairy pubic area, much more than I do. As soon as I saw her underarms my jaw dropped, my breathing became short and heavy and she was VERY lucky she wasn't mowed down by flying zipper teeth, lol, my penis got so big and hard it HURT! She saw the look on my face and half jokingly asked if I was ok. All I did was grab her hand and place it on my crotch. Her eyes flew wide in amazement and she said "Oh my God!! You actually like that?!" I said "Baby what you've done is something I've been thinking about asking you to do for a while now, I was just waiting for the right time but you've beaten me to it!" Her relief and appreciation was immediate, she then told me that although shaving her legs was never a problem, she had always hated shaving her underarms, because it was painful and itchy. Needless to say we then had our usual mind blowing lovemaking session although now and ever since with an incredible edge to it and she since then has never shaved or trimmed her underarms. We both still wonder what would've happened if I had come home from that job when I was supposed to as she had told me she had planned to shave her armpits before I came home. Needless to say that just increased our passion for each other and we were married about 4 months later and are now the parents of 4 lovely daughters, one of whom has taken her mother's influence and has never shaved her underarms, and, thankfully, has a boyfriend who totally appreciates and supports her for that. I remember when our oldest daughter was about 14 and asked her mother why she didn't shave her armpits, and my wife half jokingly told her that if she did shave our daughter might never have been conceived. I remember our daughter asking why and my wife told her "You'll figure it out someday!" About 5-6 years later my wife told me that our oldest and her had been talking and she finally realized what she had meant, lol. Sorry this is a bit long but just wanted to illustrate how something most people here in the USA, both male and female consider unacceptable, can, with the right couple at the right time, be a sensual and attractive asset.You and I are both extremely lucky in that both our wives grew their armpit hair due to circumstances that had nothing to do with us and yet we have both really reaped the benefits because of those circumstances, a bit of luck there I think.Happy also to hear that your wife recovered and is doing well and hoping that she, like my wife, never has a a razor touch her armpits for the rest of her life.

do you have photos to her armpit ?

wow so sexy add me please

I too over time have experienced natural women who do not shave. Let me just say i truly enjoy it. Of course it is really fun licking them there...because for a lot of women it is quite an erogenous zone. It is one of the sexiest poses, when a woman lays back on the bed and extends her arms high above her head.
Alternating from the armpit area to the breasts, back and forth over time seems to be an effective way to excite the women I have been with. Many had never really been licked there...but afterwards are glad that they did...So more power to you guys and keep sharing!!

i agree with u

I don't think most women appreciate how much of a turn on this is for us guys. However, society puts so much pressure on them to shave, it takes a true devotion to their significant other to buck the trend of shaving. Kudos to you both!!!!

yes I'm dealing with this now with a new female friend she is embarrest to not shave but does not want to she her self likes her unshaven under arms but does not want to let her friends see hr like that

Congratulations Jason, I hope your wife Kate has fully recovered from the operation. My wife has never shaved or trimmed her arm pits ever, and I know Kate will be that for ever as well, it is very sexy for a women not to shave her arm pit hair, however, now a days it is not so common as it was pre 1990, there was a letter in Metro the other day, this reader commented that he had in fact seen quite a few women during the warm weather who had not shaved their legs or arm pits, that's great to know that there are still a few women who like to remain natural.

Dear jason and Kate<br />
I liked your story. Its not everyday incidents that we find hairy armpits. Women are declined to grow underarm hair but it's so exciting to see a hairy woman. I think you missed the most exciting experience if you didn't smell your wife's hairy armpits. The smell of a woman's hairy armpits is one of finest aphrodisiacs. Give it a try buddy and you will agree.<br />

We so agree with you & Kate we are a couple also and she stooped shaving 5 years ago and she could not be more sexy! She was timid at first but quickly got used to it and now she lives to flaunt it in public. I love her for this and wow does she smell good and taste even better! She also does not use deodorant so on a hot summer day she is a real attenuation getter! Let me tell you in the bed room she is a sex machine with all her sweet odors and hair its a real gift and supper turn on for sure!

Wow that's wonderful. What a lucky guy. Armpit hair on a woman is so incredibly sexy - and it sounds like it turns her on just as much

You are quite the lucky man. I've not managed to convince my wife to give up on shaving her pits yet. I'm working on her and I think she'll give in eventually. She used to shave her bush and I got her to stop doing that so the pits are just a matter of time.

Hope you are succesful in getting her to leave her pits will love it!!!.....Kate has shaved her bush in the past....esp in the summer for nudist beaches we go to...I loved it at the sexy but now I like her hairy...typical guy I guess...just want it all!!
Keep in touch and let me know how you get on.

First of all I am glad your wife recovered from the operation. My wife has never shaved her bush or her arm pits, so she is very hairy in those 2 places,, however, for medical reasons she has been shaved (by nurses, not by herself) 'down there' 5 times, like your wife, for a medical operation, after 2 miscarriages, and for the birth of our 2 children, it is amazing how quickly the hairs grow back.. Like you, playing with the hairs in those places really makes sex foreplay last so much longer and better, so I know your wife will never again shave her arm pits, and stay natural and sexy.