Pissy Prachi.

Well this is what happened in my 8th grade.i had a class-mate named prachi.she had a relatively big bladder and would rarely pee during school.she used to never pee in school,no peeing at home after returning home,She used to come to tutorials and used to avoid giving a pee even there.so she used to pee only twice a day.she loved to tease other girls who used to need a pee quite often.But this one day was quite different.
she drank lot of water in recess actually only abt 2 glasses extra.acctually her bladder wasn't big only her intake was low.8th n 9th period were literature. The teacher came in and asked few of us to enact a skit.well even she was called for.she looked a bit tensed.while reading out her lines,i could see her crossing her legs.she was shifting her weight from one leg to other.as time passed her face began to show tense expressions and her shaking n crossing increased.As soon the bell rang after the 8th period she ran to the lecturer for permission to go to the toilet.Her request was turned down.she looked so helpless.Another friend of mine went out of the class n she returned after 5 minutes.Prachi asked her if she could accompany her to the toilet.the girl replied "i just went".Prachi exclaimed"You *****.I'm bursting"."Well, u can go now"the girl said.Prachi just stepped out of the class n just then the History lecturer arrived.Prachi requsted the lecturer to allow her to the Ladies room,but her request was turned down.
she was so uncomfortable.she went back to her place.i could see her squirming n shaking her legs.then the lecturer asked her few questions.she had to stand up to answer them.she was shaking like hell.she couldn't answer them properly.time passed by.as soon as the bell rang she almost ran out.she came back with a look of relief on her face.god i was so exited.
lovepeedesperation lovepeedesperation
18-21, M
Nov 30, 2012