Seeing Mrs Parry Desperate

For several years my Mam and me lived with Mr and Mrs Parry, after the break up of Mams marriage. I liked Sheila Parry, she was a few years older than Mam, in her fifties. She had the sweetest, soft blonde hair, with almost translucent blue eyes. I always remember her eyes looked so pale in the early morning but as the day went on they got a lovely richer blue. I was in the habit then of trying to listen to anybody, Mam included, when they went to the bathroom. Sheila had two daughters, both older than be, and I always loved to hear them going to the toilet, living in Sheila's home was a paradise for me.

The occasion when I saw Sheila really desperate was late one afternoon. I was in my bedroom which was just next to the bathroom. I used to leave my bedroom door open so that I could see anybody that passed on the way the the bathroom. I heard the front door slam open and then slam shut with an immediate rush of footsteps coming up the stairs. I saw Sheila running, her shoulder-bag hanging , kind of hooked into her elbow and the bag dangling close to the floor. I watched as she ran, skirts flying, past my door and into the bathroom. I waited knowing that if it was a pee she would be quite quick, most women are quick at peeing, no matter how desperate to go they are. I crept to the edge of the bathroom door and could hear Sheila peeing, it was a rush like it was accompanied by wind, then I heard her ******** very rapidly, a splatter and splash which sounded like an explosion in the quiet of the house. Then silence.

I waited for the tell tale signs that Sheila was wiping her bum and would soon be out of the bathroom. It was so quiet I was afraid to move in case I would be heard. Then I did the sort of crazy thing I was always prone to do then, and still do now. I wanted to see her on the toilet, I went to the door and putting my hand on the doorknob I prayed she hadn't locked the door. She hadn't. I turned the doorknob and pushed the door open. Sheila was sitting on the toilet her panties, very pale apricot colour, stretched across her knees, her dress hiked up to her waist. I could see her *****, hairy, the drops of pee seemed like the facets of a diamond to me. I stared at her as she looked up at me.

"Oh, gosh, I am sorry, Sheila," I half mumbled, in my most apologetic voice. By this time I was rock hard and very glad I was wearing loose fitting trousers that world hide my feelings from her.

"It's alright Reg," she smiled quickly. "I'll be a few minutes yet, if you need the toilet."

I mumbled that I did and went outside closing the the door. I again apologised and heard her reply that it wasn't a problem. Talking to her as she was having a **** was making me so hard I could hardly move. I started to engage her in chat, asking what sort of a day she had had. She was on the toilet for about another five minutes during which she had another three bursts of **** and then she seemed to take ages wiping her bum . Hearing anybody wipe was always so exciting for me. Then I heard the toilet flushing and she opened the door with another low smile telling me the bathroom was all mine now.

I went in and inhaled the mixture of her perfume and the smell of her ****. I almost jerked my trousers down to sit on the still warm toilet seat. My fingers dipped into the small dab of pee on the front of the seat. I tasted Sheila as I 'come' at once, my ***** shooting out of me. I 'come' until I was quite exhausted dreaming and imagining Sheila as she had that ****.
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