Watching Mrs Hawes Poop

This was the earliest time I saw an adult having a poop. I was about 6/7 at the time and was playing in Kimberley Park. There was a short cut to the canal from the park which crossed a small brook and the path was overgrown, used mainly by kids like myself. I was crossing the brook when I saw ahead of me a woman walking kind of secretively, looking around all the time. I recognized her as a Mrs Hawes, she was a shopkeeper with a small sweet and paper shop in Aston Crescent. I often bought sweets from her shop on my way to school. She was always nice and had a friendly smile always. I wondered why she was in the park then realized it was a Bank Holiday and she was probably just enjoying the park. I decided to try and sneak closer and to follow her. As I said, this was away from the regular paths to and from the park and the canal. I was about twenty yards away from her when she stopped walking, she took a long look around, didn't see me, and then she bent and scooped up her dress to her waist. I was so excited to see her white thighs and suspenders stocking tops, then she crouched right down and I saw her slipping her bloomers down. I would say Mrs Hawes was well into her fifties, chubby, not beautiful like my Mam for example, but that day, to me, she was the most beautiful woman I had ever seen. I crept closer, I was at her side and as she was looking straight ahead she hadn't seen me. I moved away a little to move behind as much as I could and then went closer. I was only a few yards away now and could see her peeing into the grass, then wonder of wonders, I could see her bum and her anus, sort of crinkly darker brown, then I saw it opening and she started to poop, a much lighter yellow poop, she farted, her bum sort of in the air. It was wonderful, I was in heaven watching her. I knelt in the grass then decided to creep closer to her. The I must have put my foot on a twig or something, she turned her head and was looking at me. Her lovely face had a look of horror upon it. I was so ashamed then, I did not want to hurt her in any way, I must have stared for another few seconds before I turned with my face red and walked back to the canal. In my bed that night I kept rubbing my penis thinking about what I had seen but then my joy was diminished as I again and again remembered the horror on her face. The next time I went to school I had forgotten everything until I went into her shop to buy some gob stoppers. Then I saw everything flash before me again. I think she must have been thinking the same things as me because she went red, her eyes seemed pained. I know I blurted out, "I'm sorry Mrs Hawes." She must have known I wasn't sorry, I had been crouched looking at her. Then she moved around the counter and knelt beside me, she gave me my gob stoppers and then a bag of fizzy liquorice, she smiled and kissed me on the cheek, "It's alright Reggie, it's our secret." I will never forget that kiss or her words.
regpantiesdown regpantiesdown
26-30, M
Jan 15, 2013