Holiday Excitement

This happened when I was on holiday with Mam and Dad. Every year Mam and Dad went to Ilminster for a week with Mams sister [Aunt Annie]. I am going back to my sort of mid boyhood, 10/11. I always loved going on holiday to Aunt Annie's, I loved the easy going life in a small village. By this time in my life I was already wearing Mams panties all the time, and ************ even at any sexy pictures I saw, and women on the toilet made me so excited even then.

Dad had as usual this evening gone to the #Crown Inn' leaving Mam and Aunt Annie to their own ends. I had been taken with them for a walk into the village, and to the Rec for a stroll around the park. On the way back home I heard Mam say she had to go to the toilet to Aunt Annie. I should explain that at the time the cottage had no inside flush toilets, but a water closet outside in the garden, you has to use water from the well to flush after you had been to the toilet. On impulse I raced ahead of Mam and Aunt Annie and went into the garden and in the water closet I shut the door and took my trousers and panties down. Just a minute later I heard Mam pushing on the door then calling to me, "Hurry up, Reg, please." I told Mum I would try, she was waiting outside and again she said, "Please, Reggie, I need to badly."

I got up and pulled my panties and trousers up. Opening the door Mam burst past me and was already reaching and lifting her dress. I deliberately stayed outside the door and could hear Mam slipping her panties down and heard her ****, their was a lovely explosion and her voice gasping, with relief. I told her I would get some water for her. Mam didn't answer me. I went to the pump and filled a bucket with water. I took it back and told her, £Mam, I got some water for you." She thanked me as she **** again. It was wonderful, the toilet door wasn't properly shut and I could see, barely, but just, Mams one thigh and her panties across her knees.

When I heard her wiping I told her it was alright I would flush the toilet for her. When Mam stepped out she smiled at me and said, Thank you, darling." Then she went into the cottage. The aroma in the toilet was gorgeous, very heavy and the pan was full with dark brown, loose ****. Mam had also **** way up the back of the pan, where she had just made it. I had to get another two buckets of water before I had flushed the toilet properly.

It was one of my most memorable times, just to be able to help Mam and then after when I went inside I told her how much I loved her. She hugged me and kissed me then and gosh I was so hard and fit to burst at that moment.
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what a freak

Good story. Please add me, Reg.