Another Of Mum's Friends

Mum works for M&S and lots of times I used to get to drive home with her after school. I would go to the store in Taunton if Mum was working there that day and go home with her instead of on the school bus. On the occasion I am thinking about now I had finished school early and went to the store to wait for Mum. I was always allowed to wait for her in the staff rest room. The ladies and gents toilets were right next door and I could see who was going to the toilet or coming away easily as they passed the rest room door.

One of Mum's friends, Ruth Johnson lived in the same village, Ilminster, and they often did a car swap, where, if Mum was in Taunton for the week they would use each others car, turn and turn about, to save on petrol. Ruth was one of my favourite of Mum's friends, she was older than Mum, but she was so nice, and to my mind, very beautiful, with a sort of peppery reddish grey hair and wide, sweet lips.

I was about 13 when this happened. I was sitting waiting patiently [or actually impatiently] for Mum to finish work. I had seen several women passing the door and go into the ladies, but I was apprehensive about following any of them, although my heart was beating really hard, I was scared to get caught if any were repairing their make=up and saw me slipping in. Then I saw Ruth walk by and open the ladies room door. My nervousness was still with me but now my heart and my mind were on listening or even seeing Ruth with her panties down. I had seen her on the toilet once at my home but it was accidental and just for a split second. I waited for what seemed ages in case there was anybody in then, after checking the corridor, I slipped into the ladies toilets. I had never been in the ladies there before and for a second or so I had no idea where the toilets were. There was a row of wash basins and mirrors then I saw another door across the room, I tiptoed across and there was a row of five cubicles, two were occupied. Quickly I knelt and recognised Ruth's shoes under the door. I took off my shoes and crept past and into the adjoining cubicle, bolting the door and standing on the seat. It was so quiet. I was afraid Ruth or the other woman could hear my breathing. I tensed, trying to hold my breath.

It was strange, there was complete silence. Then a small, almost apologetic cough from the other woman. It seemed to break the silence because I heard Ruth push and grunt a bit as she **** with a flurry of plops. It was incredible, I was rock hard crouched on the toilet seat as the other woman shut to. Her **** seemed a lot looser as it splattered into the pan. I straightened up slowly until by standing on my toes I was able to pee over the partition.

Then, heaven of heavens, I could see Ruth on the toilet, she was bent over a bit, her skirt right up to her waist, she had her hands on her knees and I could see her white panties stretched across her knees. She moved her head a bit and I ducked down out of sight. Then Ruth and the other woman were ******** at the same time. I peeped again and this time I looked behind Ruth and I could see some ****, darkish brown, runny on the back of the pan. I knew she must have done that before I got in because not it was plop plops like nuggets. The other woman was wiping, she was quick and soon she had flushed and I was alone with Ruth. By this time I had my penis out and was stroking myself. Ruth had gone quiet again. I heard the outer door opening then and ducked back down again.

"Ruth you in here?" It was my Mum, now I was really hard, and scared to death.

"Yes, Gilly," Ruth answered.

"Have you seen Stuart," Mum asked as she pushed on my cubicle door. Thank god I had locked it.

"No, why?" Ruth said.

"Nothing special," Mum said. She had gone into the cubicle next to Ruth on the other side.

"I expect he's gone for some sweets or an ice-cream," Ruth said.

"Yeahhhhhhhh . . ." Mum's voice seemed drawn out as she started to pee hard. "Ohhhhhhh my guts . . . " Mum explained as she ****. I had *** by then as I heard Mum **** explosively into the pan. "I was gonna tell him I had to go to the lav.," Mum said, "in case he got worried."

He'll be fine," Ruth said, ohh god Gilly I wish I could go like that."

"You got a problem Ruth? Mum asked.

"Constipated to hell," Ruth sighed. "I thought it was okay when I got here but it was a wet fart and a false alarm."

"I got a suppository if you want one honey," Mum said.

"Oh please Gilly," Ruth sighed.

After that it was silent for a few minutes, Mum had two more spasms of **** then she was wiping and I heard her flush then go into Ruth's cubicle next to me.

I risked a peep over and saw Mum putting a suppository into Ruth's bum hole. It was so wonderful to see them. Then I got to scared to stay and managed to get back into the rest room to wait for them.

Going home in the car, seated in the back behind them I just ket wanking myself through my trousers thinking of what I had seen.

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