I'm a practicing CD although I have yet to venture out into the world lol. So far I've met quite a few MtF but hardly FtM unless I've been looking in all the wrong spots, hopefully I'll meet some with this group :)
The reason I haven't made my way outside is because I'm not confident that I'll pass…yet. That and I don't want my first time to be by myself, I would like one of my friends to be with me but they don't know, I really don't know how to come out to them.
The one who made this group is one amazing woman, she's the best.
JarredRay JarredRay
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2 Responses Dec 2, 2012

Hi Wraylynn - I am glad you found this group. I'm hoping you can find a friend with whom you can crossdress, go out in public, and simply be yourself. I have a couple of very good friends here on EP who are FtoM crossdressers. I love them dearly. Of course, it's not practical for me to help them directly. However, I would if I could. The best of luck to you!

You know I'm here for you as you explore your masculine side.