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Well, I dress like a male everyday now. I had a time when I was scared to dress up though

My parents were going to leave soon. I usually liked to stay home, so they let me. When they left, I waited 5 minutes to make sure they didn't come back in the middle of my experiment. I snuck to my brother's room and started digging through his stuff. When I stopped by the dresser, I hopped out of my clothes and quickly put on some male ones. The male ones felt so nice. The new boxer underwear covered more area than my underwear. The jeans were so big inside and felt roomy and airy. I also put on a plaid shirt, and I've been wearing (non-gender) plaid shirts since. When I type crossdressers in, most are male. Where are the female-to-male crossdressers?
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I think it is great that you are exploring all sides of you. As a M to F crossdresser I can tell you that getting in touch with my feminine side makes me happy because I feel as though I am allowing all sides of myself to express itself.

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It is fabulous that you are experimenting with gender transformation by cross dressing from your female attire into your brothers clothing. How long have you been doing this as a curious matter of interest and how long do you remain dressed in your brothers clothing !. I think the practice of reverse gender transformation is a wonderfully exciting experience and enables the person to experience their feminine or masculine side. In your particular case it enables you to enjoy ''themaleinside''. I hope you will continue to enjoy your masculine side.

I almost always wear a piece of male clothing now, whether it's a plaid shirt or jeans, and my name used to be 'themaninside' but I changed it to what I have now.

Fabulous i am so glad you do. Fascinating former name you had adopted. I love your current name. Does your brother know you wear his clothes and boxers.

Not at all... at least I don't think he does.

Cool, thank you for clarifying that for me.

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There is something very erotic about making a gender transformation. It's exciting to cross the line and have a perspective from the other side. It would be fun to transform a feminine girl into a realistically looking passable guy. Have you ever taken it to that level?

A couple people have thought I'm a guy. I just need a deeper voice though.

I am a MtoF crossdresser also, but I would LOVE to hear more of your issues as they are similar to mine!PLEASE friend me!

I am M2F crossdresser, but F2M also fascinates me and I'd like to hear more of your experiences.

Well...it's so nice to hear from another FtoM crossdresser. Makes me wonder what would happen if your parents or brother caught you in the act. We know what usually happens to CDing boys...! Something tells me there may be a double standard! Thanks for