Female Castfetish

Every since a young kid I have been fasinated with plaster cast on females I can't explain it but I never tell anyone I think that it is a huge turn on and I just don't know why but I really like it and I hope I'm not the only person that thinks this?
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Me too only I like to see casts on men as well. Wearing one yourself is like heaven. Are you sexually aroused by casts?

I'm right there with you. Bunch of great sites out there and a pretty large cast fetish community.

I have your fascination of it as well

you are not alone

like the rest of the ppl on writing here,im roughly the same age and same fetish and i also love knee braces on women and all sort of braces and casts, check out youtube with jade0909 she does great video's

me too...so you not alone here

you not alone here there many good pages to look at on the net

You are not alone.

You are not alone.