Cuckold In Denver

My wife is 38 and I am 49 years old. We have three kids and recently moved to Highlands Ranch,. Colorado. I know this is a bit long but it is our story.

I have never gotten to see another man **** or *** in my wife but she has cucked me. Shortly after we got married she was feeling guilty and one night told me that before we married she had been cheating on my with her old boyfriend for almost 5 years but that she stopped seeing him about a week before our wedding. She was not in love with him but evidently he was hung and so good in bed she just could not stop herself. When she finally told me about all the times she had slept with him while we were dating and during our engagement she was afraid I would be pissed but I held her and let her know that I love her no matter what. This turned into a rather hot night. Not long after that her old boyfriend became the topic of our pillow talk. In time I bought her some sex toys, ******, vibrators etc. Soon the subject of our pillow talk turned to men she had seen in public, strangers or even male friends of ours. She even named her sex toys after men she had dreamed about. Her favorite ***** she named after her old boyfriend. I would use the ***** on her while she called out his name. But she always made it clear that this was only fantasy and that nothing would ever really happen. After years of roll playing she got into flirting in public with other men, dancing with, and even kissing them but she still always insisted it was just a game and nothing further would happen. Once at a company party she let a black coworker of mine take her off to a dark room to smoke a joint and then they kissed, felt each other up. She even gave him a hand job and let him finger her. He tried but she would not go all the way. About that time we started getting into reading stories about hot wives and that lead to trying other kinky things between the two of us. One year for Christmas I bought a male chastity belt. Still today she loves locking me up for long periods of time. When she really wants to drive me crazy she'll were the key on gold chain on her neck when we are out in public. I don't think anyone has figured out the significance of her wearing the key. Not long after starting the chastity play, she met a white guy. Tall, smart, good looking. At first it was just on-line with IM conversations, photo swapping. In a few weeks he got her to ********** with him on cam. One day I came home from work and she was in bed ************ and having phone sex with him. He never knew by I went down on her while they kept talking. WOW was that wild. He would beg her to meet for real but she continued to refuse. He would ask, I would encourage her and she would still say she can't. Eventually, they ended up meeting with my permission and encouragement.

I'll never forget the first night she went all the way with him. She agreed to meet him for one drink in public at 5:30 pm and told me she'd be home in an hour. She insisted that they were just friends and nothing would happen. Three hours later she called from his place and told me she would be a while. She returned home around 1:30 am. When she walked in she was shaking and nervous. She looked stunning. Her hair was a mess, her lipstick was gone. She was wearing his shirt. I kissed her and held her. Then she whispered "I did it." Evidently at the bar he told her he has some killer marijuana at his place. She does not do hard drugs but does smoke pot once in a while and when she does she can't keep her panties on. I lead her to the bed room and kissed her and undressed her. She had hickys all over her neck and all over her huge breasts. When I took off her panties they were pasted to her with his *****. I went down on her while she told me all about him and everything that happened. I came all over myself without her ever touching me. Just from going down on her, smelling him, tasting him in her, listing to her tell me how beautiful he is, how she could not stop herself once he kissed her, how she should have used a condom because it was her risky time, how incredible a lover he was.

The next morning she was feeling really guilty. I tried my best to put her at ease. However, she decided she was going to end it as soon as he called. He called around 11:00 am. Within 20 min. or so she hung up the phone. She did not say a word to me, just got in the shower. Once she dressed she told me she was going to his place and would call me later. She ended up spending all day and night there Saturday and returned around supper time on Sunday. After that they dated almost every other night for the next 8 months. I'd stay home locked in chastity for weeks on end never able to make love to her other than orally if she allowed. They did not even hide the fact that they were dating. Several of our friends and even some of my coworkers saw them out on dates.

I never got to watch as he was not into cuckolding. He never understood how I could let my beautiful wife date another man but he wanted her badly. It was much more than just sex for them, it was a romance. That was Ok with me as long as my wife was having the time of her life and I got to kiss her and hear about it afterward. At one point she told me she did not trust herself with him because of their feelings. I still encouraged her even knowing that they were falling in love. So I was locked up in chastity for weeks on end, at one point for 2 months without getting out. While in chastity, my wife was falling in love with a man who was not just ******* her but wanted to steel her from me and all I could do was continue to encourage her to go to his arms and his bed. For me it was an addiction stronger than any drug. Even today she will say it was the most incredible thing to ever happen to us. After about 8 months they broke up. It was really hard on her emotionally so she has sworn off ever doing it again. However, she still frequently talks about wanting another man.

I so hope she will try again. To get her back into it is going to take some effort, a seduction. She will not go for it just because I bring home a guy. It has to be her thing with a guy she meets who she is attracted to. Maybe one day, in her way and in her time. Good news is that we still have chastity and some otherr kinky play.

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That was a hot story ! Happy that you guys can have that kind of relationship would to chat over drinks in Parker

Good story ! I also live in HIghlands Ranch Co., if ever you two need an older guy for oral sex please let me know.

This mirrors an experience of mine, although as the loverbull I did not seek to steal the wife away from her cuck hubby and he was not in chastity. However, my emotional, romanctic relationship with the wife was intense and we both crossed boundaries we did not expect to cross, even coming close to intentially conceiving a child. We still see each other but less frequently, as the more of each other we saw, the less control we seemed to have. If not for a great distance separating us, I don't think we'd each still be in our respective marriages....or the cuck would be raising my baby for me...

Thanks for your story. I don't get into the chastity thing, because I still want to make love to my wife. Too bad you liked the chastity so much, because it almost cost you your wife and did cost you a bull(perhaps).

Very hot WABillyBob, thanks for sharing.