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I'm A Woman Who Loves To Spank Men

I do not suffer fools (husbands, disobedient, surly men or women) gladly.

Hand, wooden spoon, hairbrush, comb, strap, belt (no cane - too big, not portable) are the things I use.

I would have no problem spanking you while we are out and about.  I have spanked a man (who was acting like a boy, annoying me) in a mall "family" bathroom.  I know he didn't think I was serious when I told him that I would not wait until we got home to punish him.  I took him to task and reddened his ***.  He walked the straight and narrow for the rest of our outing.

I say women should walk proudly and carry a large hairbrush!
ladygodiva110 ladygodiva110 41-45, F 34 Responses May 25, 2011

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It seems like EP is more for stories of past spankings. It does not seem to be a great place to meet up with others. would be better served for those of you wanting to spank or get spanked. It is like a Facebook/twitter combination for spankos. Actually for all fetishes.

My owner / wife is the same as you and I appreciate her for it more than I can describe. I have been spanked in private and public, when she determines I need to be spanked, I am, no matter where we are or when it is. I truly believe if more women treated men this way the world would be a much better place.
So thank you very much for what you do and please help other women discover the benefits of spanking their men regularly.

It is unfortunetly way past the time to make this a matriarchal society but I believe it will happen.

Hello there good people, tough moms, whoeverI have never been spanked. i have been canned a lot though (with that cheap, painful, readily available rattan thing), in school and at home. Now in my 30s i would pay for a good open-palm over-the-knee spanking from an assertive dominating woman (and strictly so, not at all male) but i haven't found even one. This longing for a motherly spanking fills my mind all day long like a void in my very being needing to be filled. I only lived 6 years with my mom and then she sent me over to my grandma. (i assume she found something better to do). For reasons unknown to me, i long to be dominated and disciplined by a woman. in some ways i guess i deserve it at least for harbouring such thoughts (and perhaps with hopes that one good round might spank out the feeling if it turns out to be really unpleasant). My mom is still there but i can't get past two words with her in conversation and mother's rituals are such a chore. i haven't yet found a woman to give me a good spanking so i prawl spanking sites and get a kick out my-mom-spanked-me stories. i'd trade so much to be a naughty 10 year old in a western family with a loving spanking mom. i imagine if i was given a good squeeze after a spanking, a raging storm will subside inside of me. gee, that's a lot to ask for. do you think i need help? why do i feel this way? am i alone? so naive but i'm dead serious.thehavenoflove is my yhoo id

I would have liked to been taken over your knee and spanked hard

Love your experience! You were right to spank that man. If he decides to be disobedient in a public place he should be ready to be spanked in a public place, too. I think he was even lucky to be spanked in the bathroom and not just in front of everyone!

I agree with you completely! When I misbehave, the punishment is always bare and hard. My wife punishes me daily---the more severe misbehaviour, the more severe the punishment. Normal routine punishment is a good hard bare bum belting. For worse misdeeds, I get it bare with the razor strap. Afterwards, I will get to massage her feet and lick her toes if I take my strapping well. If I am a good boy, she will let me smell her worn panties before I orally please her. She always finishes my punishment by giving it to me hard with her ten inch strap on. I worship the ground she walks on!!!!!!!!!

My wife does not enjoy paddling me and so its rare---but she will do it once in a while and when she does my bare butt sure feels it-- it has always been the way we take care of somethiung really serious at which i am at fault---it hurts my butt when i am getting it but I know I have earned it so there is no argument or I do not try to ever vget out of taking a paddling- When it is necessary i mostly just want it to be done fast and i take a shower and get it right then---if we are alone--When our children were in the hpise i would have to wait and comne home to get paddled and I hated waiting---__She does not enjoy it but its sort of like paddling a son--You got to do it so you do it

Women who punish men and enjoy it as a right are very rare indeed. For a woman like that I would gladly bend over her knee to experience her enjoyment.

I liked and enjoyed reading your story I like a no nonsense woman who spanks.

I am new to all this, EP and coming to terms with my life-long but repressed desire for this kind of woman in my life. Thank you for your "story". I tried to write you directly but you only accept messages from those in your "circle."

If women only knew the power that they have over men when it comes to spanking. Instead of flowers for gifts men would give a bouquet of hairbrushes and bath brushes to their wives. "D"

Maybe this is what the future holds for us. If my future wife would spank me regulary as punishment I surely would give her new hairbrushes or paddles as presents at christmas or her birthday to show her how much I appreciate her efforts to keep me in line!

Good story I personally am into spanking however as a african american guy its not as easy to find girls into spanking guys unless its brutal dom type which i'm not into. So to read this is very nice

Love your last sentence

Your closing line is great! And it describes the dynamics of my marriage perfectly. I am spanked over my wife's knee frequently. Lisa is naturally dominant and we both know I will receive the benefit of her strict discipline as she sees fit, including when we are outside the home. Anywhere will do as long as she can find a discreet place to take my pants down.

Some of us need our rears red, and foolishly, we like it.

You sound like a nononsense mother figure

I am a no-nonsense woman.

Whish to meet a girl like this. Like a good spanking so bad.

I am not a girl. I am a woman.

i wish i was near u to get my first spanking

I feel that the following spanking dynamics is OK: F/M, F/F, & M/F. I do not like M/M spanking. I personally am a man that enjoys being spanked by woman only!!! I like the idea that any time or place a woman can choose to spank a man for whatever reason.

Why is it so difficult to get woman that would love to spank men and boy's?. I searched all over but do not get anyone that want's to do that. I am great full that there is someone like you though, it gives me hope. Thanks

I can relate. My wife, who spanks me regularly, paddled me in a mall family restroom once. There was no one around when we went in as it was a quite day in the off season. When we came out - with my wife still holding her hairbrush - there were a couple of ladies standing down the hallway who gave us an amused look. I am quite certain that the smacks of the brush on my bare behind could be heard in the hallway outside.

Why can't people spend a little time and get a freaking avatar? What is the problem with getting a picture, a face or something?

Mt lady is a absolutly correct o avat A vara is a sign of a general lazy Attutude and you must come to California ***** me bare and spank my bottom good and red .Would love it if you would use the strap-on on me following my spanking I would peocide v you oral worship as a naughty well spanked and we'll fed nUghtyboy

I really never gave getting an avatar any thought but will now certainly do so in the near future. Thanks for pointing it out.

Not sure how to add one other than whats on here. Maam

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Cool - wish you were in the UK

And good for you, Lady Godiva. There is no excuse for bad behaviour or lack of respect and it should be punished forthwith no matter where or how humiliating might be the circumstances - in fact, the more humiliating the punishment, the less likely the behaviour will be repeated.<br />
<br />
We none of us are perfect and i for one confess to misdemeanours for which i am happy to say have been pointed out to me and for which i have been punished in such a way as i will never forget or take lightly my offence.<br />
<br />
Once again, good for you!

Well, it certainly adds humiliation to the punishment. If you ever receive a public spanking, believe me it will curtail your poor behavior. I must admit, it does not happed often due to the public having cameras on every phone and they seem to have a need to report such actions. Even semi-public spankings carry the humiliation factor. Just others having the knowledge that you have just been spanked for poor behavior is very embarrassing.

I hate getting spanked hard by my wife, but thank god I never got it in a public place! That would be terrible!

It wasn't out in the open. It was behind closed and locked doors but it was still out of the home. Poor behavior needs immediate correction.

I do understand it was behind a closed door, but if you spank anything like my wife, it would be easily heard (especially my cries and carrying on). So, semi-public I guess.

I should say, I don't disagree with your right to discipline as you see fit. The dominant has the obligation to do so. It is only that for me personally, it would be extremely humiliating. Thankfully, my owner only has to say a word or two to the effect of 'do you need a spanking?' to calm me down in public.

I don't deal with pettiness. I don't like the term "owner." Nobody OWNS anybody.

Poor behavior does need immediate correction w/ a good bare bottom spanking. Great job ladygodiva110..... spankbudy

There were a couple of ladies standing in the hallway who I am sure overheard the spanking my wife gave me in a mall family restroom, although they were not there when we walked into the restroom. My wife walked out of the restroom with the hairbrush still in her hand because she wanted to make sure that anyone who might have overheard the whacks to know that she was the one doing the spanking! :-) But she would never knowingly spank me in view of others - with the exception of her sister who knows of our situation. She has taken me out to the storage shed at her Mom's house several times because she felt an immediate spanking was in order.

Well that is just as bad. Everyone involves knows you are getting spanked, so she may as well just do it in front of everyone!

I'm not judging anyone's right to discipline their husband/wife whatever, but I just don't really think the embarrassment of having it in public is at all necessary. That is just my personal opinion, and I also think that is possibly my wife's opinion because she has never done it (thank god). For me personally it is embarrassing enough when it is just her and I. But if it were in public, I truly believe it would be harmful to my pride.

Have you heard how one breaks a horse? They break their will, without breaking their pride. I truly think that my wife has my pride very much in mind, and doesn't want a robot for a submissive. I think she would very much prefer a real person with emotions and feelings all their own than a robot. Again, it is only my personal opinion given with all respect to those here and their significant others, take it how you will.

Well, to some small extent. The two ladies in the hall at the mall probably had a good idea that I had been spanked in the family restroom - but then I didn't know them and will probably never see them again. And when my wife takes me to the shed at her Mom's, no one knows what we are doing - usually they do not even notice we are gone. But you do make an interesting point about will and pride. We are actually, more or less, a typical "equal partnership" modern couple. In some matters, where I have expertise, I have the final say. But we have agreed that she has the say in disciplinary matters and that works well for us for a number of different reasons.

Well, you do seem to have a good attitude about it. And you seem happy, so that is good for you. :)

Also - on the trips to the shed at Mom's house, my wife typically uses a switch to avoid the noise. She really prefers the brush or paddle, as she enjoys the sound of the wood against my bare behind but if she feels I need discipline when we have company at the house or at her Mom's house, she uses the switch in an out of sight area. I once got a switching in the bedroom when we had a dozen folks over for a holiday dinner. Let me just say, I hate the switch.

That sounds much more discreet. Good that you don't have the embarrassment also to go with the spanking. I am sure the switch is bad. I have only ever had the cane. Good luck to you.

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I love it when woman use a hair brush to spank my bare fanny until my bottom is very red

I love the idea of being spanked and caned by women, particularly older or more mature women. In my every day life I am fairly dominant but there is something about surrendering control and becoming submissive for an hour or two. I cant get enough and actively seek out women that will punish me. Some will think me mad, but I enjoy it and have done so for some 20 years now.

Ma'am, you sound much like my wonderful Wife. She has done the same to me in a family restroom when I have misbehaved in public. Unless we are going somewhere that means she carries a smaller purse to go with Her outfit, Her everyday purse is large enough to have a hairbrush in it, & She carries it at all times. It hasn't happened to me often, but she has spanked me in public the same as you do more than once. If She has to spank me in public like that, I know I will get spanked again when we get back home.<br />
<br />
If more women would take charge like you & my Wife do, men would be more obedient & better behaved.

So, true. I think it is great that you wife handles poor behavior immediately and follows up with a reminder spanking later.

Keep up the good work. You're doing a great job.


I agree. My former Domme was more into the humiliation aspect. My current Domme would rather punish in private. She just did not want to wait till we got home, much like you. So a bedroom at my friends home served us well. It did correct my behavior and I was embarassed facing others, but that was not the goal of my Domme. Now knowing that she would punish me without going home and knowing my friends were aware of the spanking will keep me in line.