Early Bare Bottom Spanking

When young I went to school we had nuns. They would spank you themselves. Older nuns who still taught, or tutors would be assisted in this duty by younger nuns who volunteered for the extra duty and if you did something to upset the old nuns you would really get it.

Normally you would be brought into the cloak room. The nun would sit down and you would stand in front of her. She would pull your pants down. You would lift your shirt and undershirt " over your belly button" and then they would pull your underpants down.

Then she would put you over her lap and spank you. Some would talk to you before, during, or afterward.

Very rare was the spanking done in front of the class. Maybe once a year and only happened to me once.


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ItsaTwister, then you must be very thankful to your wife and love her dearly! Mine canes me.

Great story and comments! At my elementary school in the 60's boys got taken into a cloakroom and spanked on the bare bottom. I never got it, darn it, but fortunately my wife spanks me bare with a paddle and a strap quite frequently.

wheni was in school we had nuns also an they did the spankings<br />
yes it was a room they took us to they called it the spanking room that s what they told us when we first tour the school<br />
yes pants down overher knees an wack away on our bottoms an then sent back to class

I do not have exp. from the nuns, but my mum was there and she told some stories to me.

yes that is so true that is how it was when i was in school but they had cloat room in basmement an it was called the spanking room lol but it was ture the nun took you down there down your pants an underpants over her knees for spanking some bend over for the paddle if naughty enough an then back to class

Yes Lady/G!

I would love to take you over my knee and spank your ***. Of course, I would feel your **** getting hard and you would get additional swats for getting an erection during punishment.<br />
<br />
I would be likely to put you in a chastity device to make sure you focused on your *** and not your ****!

i have been spank alot over knees an bending over an i am i chastity so i dont get erect an pay attention to the pain in my ***

I remember the spanking that the nuns gave me. It was alway on the bare bottom. most of the time it was given by their hand, but some times a strap was used. the strap was about 14 inches long and 3 inches wide. when I got the strap I was face down bent over a table and the strap smacked across both cheeks and stung like hell. I preferred the hand and especially when spanked by the older nun, she always rubbed my bottom before the spanking and got me hard, she knew what she was doing because she would wrap her left arm around my waist and under my belly to hold me in place as she spanked me while holding my stiff ****. Yes I liked being spanked by the older nun.

What a pleasure!! Thanks for shearing, Submac.

hi guys great stories they give me a lot of pleasure, i was also spanked by a nun, but not on the bare bottom, she had a hard hand though, and i certainly knew about,. however i was spanked by a female teacher a couple of years later, that was on a bare bum, and in front of my girl partner in crime, who got the same as me, and i have loved it ever since.

Yes thank you Oldboy. I do have an imagination, but nothing can take the place of the real thing.

So sorry Oupa - you'll just have to imagine it was you and not Mickmack over Sister John's knee.

I was not that privileged. We had woman teachers, but i never got a spanking from one, never-mind how much i tried. I got the cane many times and with great force, but it was always from the male teachers.

Hey Mickmack - that's a great story. The nuns must have loved punishing rampant young lads, getting them to drop their shorts and revealing sturdy erections.<br />
I remember at that age I was often trying to conceal a bulge and can only guess how I'd have coped if a nun had got me over her knee.

Thanks Mick, what a pleasure.

i got it from the nuns too. was always scared,but excited at the same time. when i was in the eighth grade i was sent with another classmate to the convent basement to move some older desks from the storage area back to another classroom. me and my pard found 4cases of beer stacked along the wall.we liberated a couple each.got a buzz.when we finished the job,and went back to class sister john smelt the beer on us. she held us back after class. we told her the truth as we saw it. i got sent to the hall and my bud got it first.out he came with tears looking down.sister john barked my name and in i went.after the scolding she had me pull my pants down to go across her knees when she saw i had an erection.she giggled a little then grabbed a hold of it swung me around and over her knees got my penis between her knees and started to spank me.she had my ****** clamped firmly between her legs in the habit.all the movement of the swatting caused me have an ******,my first one,ever...sister john really hugged me good after the spanking was over.she never spanked me again though. but i wacked off many a time thinking about it. still a spankee

Me too, only a pleasure receiving a spanking from a woman!