My Defining Vice

I made it through the 1960s and 70s without using drugs. I have largely given up alcohol. I stopped smoking when I was 19. I like to drive fast, but buy underpowered cars with automatic transmissions. I have no desire at all to gamble. I eat too much, but have yet to pay the price for it. I have never purchased a raunchy magazine or coffee table book. I have never purchased **** over the internet. I have never bought or rented an adult film. Yet the internet remains a feast for my eyes. I have biblical knowledge of but one woman, my better half of more than 20 years. Women ignore me because I am bald with white hair. A late middle age old fart nobody notices.

But if I have a defining vice, a signal weakness, it is the exposed flesh of the female of my species. I have been that way since age 13. If I see women in bikinis at beach or pool, the memory haunts me for weeks. It is awkward for me to go to a beach or pool with my wife. Seeing her naked at home has always thrilled me. To walk through a college campus on a warm day and see all the very short skirts gets me all hot and bothered. Displayed cleavage has made a comeback, and I inevitably stare at it. I unable to interact professionally with a scantily clad young woman.

I worry that the day I change in this regard, will be because I am well on my way to inevitable demise. My awe and reverence for female flesh is a way I manifest the life force, and when the passion dies down, it will be because that force is draining out of me.

Of one thing you can be sure. I fully believe in the great sexual power of many women under 40 (and some women retain that power for another 2-3 decades). Such women can wreck marriages, cause politicians to resign, make men of power completely lose their judgement about how to use funds they control.

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1 Response Mar 16, 2010

We are a lot alike, Consa. I have turned down sex with women because we hadn't determined where the relationship was goind. So I have not lived as a rake or casual sex lifestyle. But I do adore women, and enjoy the pleasure I get when I see their charms. Viva la difference!