My Feng Shui House

I just started learning about this.  I have this studio in my house that is completely unused, except by me, or by my parents as a livingroom when they visit. I decided to bring up a computer and try to use it for my "creative" room, and nothing!  I thought, "must be the room," and have hired my daughter in law to "make it happen."  In the meantime, I looked up Feng Shui.  OMG!  It's the wrong room!  My number is 7, my rooms are northeast, north, northwest, southwest.  That's why it won't work.

So, what do I do with the unused rooms?  Store my electronics?

Update:  I looked up the feng shui bedroom yesterday on my down time.  OMG!  NO WONDER I AM HAVING SO MUCH TROUBLE!  Everything in my bedroom is set up wrong, with the exception that my face faces the door.  Miss Holly Golightly, I love you and your picture  to pieces, but I think perhaps you'd serve better in the spare room, which will become my new Hollywood room (when I get time).
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2 Responses Apr 29, 2012

I read and wrote some short articles about Feng Shui about two years ago. IDK if it works in real or not but Chinese people use it and say it works. For me it's very complicated. o_0

Oh mercy, I cannot look this up, I would be crazed, I'm sure everything is all wrong. But to AutumnSwan: my front door does face South and my children do come home very often. :-) I try to face East when doing rituals...oh I am not going to Google Feng Shui. No!!!!