Beijing Temples and Feng Shui Tips

 Feng Shui (pronounced 'fung shway) means water-wind and is a kind of geomancy. In the Chinese culture since ancient times, it has been an important means in determining the position of homes, businesses, temples, even whole cities. It is also used to decide the location of furnishings and decorations inside a building.

Beijing has are four temples which protect it on each side. On the north side of the city is the Temple of the Earth called Ditan in Chinese. To the South: Temple of the Heavens or Tiantan. To the East: Temple of the Sun or Ritan.To the West: Temple of the Moon or Yuetan.

Built in 1530 by Emperor Ming, seasonal sacrifices were made to the gods at each temple to ensure good weather, good harvest, good health and so forth.

Nowadays the temples are surrounded by big parks. At dawn and at sunset, you can see hundreds of people in these areas doing taijiquan (taichi), wushu (kung fu) and social dancing. There are carts with food and drinks everywhere. It's very lively and a good way to meet new people or enjoy old friends.

My favorite is Temple of the Earth. It is not far from my old university outside of the Outer Ring Road. It is comprised of massive flat stones. Doing taiji there in the mornings, I can feel the power of the Earth filling my body and giving me so much energy. It's a great way to start the day.

Each direction has a meaning. Feng Shui is based on 8 directions. Here we'll talk about 4. The North part of your house or your room is Fame and Social Position. The South is Career. The East is Creativity and Youth or Children. The West is Family and Health. Here are some examples of Feng Shui.

If you want to have a successful career, it's good to have the door to your room or to your house on the South wall.

If you want to sleep well, put your bed with the head to the East or the North. To the East is always best for children. For people who have trouble sleeping, the head pointing North is the best. It is so calm and peaceful. If you now sleep with your head to the North and you feel you lack ambition or seem very lethargic, this position is too strong for you. Move your bed with the head to the East. You will start feeling more energetic and motivated. Try it and see!

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Our friends from China have much to teach us... we should all listen with keen ears