Arts Of War

"What would you do if you were some insiginfficant and stupid character in Anime?"
"I'd probably kill myself" she said "you?"
"Why? I'd join militarry and die for country, in a meantime I'd kill a lot of people as well" he replied

Tree years later, she returned home. Her skin was pale and dry, and hair was short and brittle. Her hand was replaced with a prostetic one and her chest and back waere scarred. She had that numb look on her face, a look of dissapointment. While she was walking, suddently he ran into her.

The suprise of seing her, the look he had like he has seen a ghost, so surreal.

"You just left. Three years ago. What happened?"
" Insignifficant characters die first. "
"I didn't"
Ankhou Ankhou
Jan 7, 2013