Fifty Shades Of Grey

Hi everyone, I have just finished reading the Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy. Firstly let me say that this is not the normal type of novel I would read, I am a big fan of Stephen King and Dean Koontz. But I read an article in a amagazine about the Shades trilogy and became a little curious. So much so that I purchased all three. Now seeing as I haven't really done any serious reading in the past three years, since having my two young children, I managed to Read 'Fifty Shades of Grey' in two days. I couldn't put the book down. Not quite sure if it was because I wanted to know what happened next with the two main characters or whether it was the excite,ent over the naughty bits!! Bare in mind that I have two children under the age of three, and that sleep often crops to the top of my 'TO DO' list above having sex!! Ha Ha.

I then read book two and found it a real struggle to get through. Certainly not as good as the first book, and was completly dumb founded at Christians almost complete lifestyle change. But as I was curious as to where the story was going to go I carried on reading.

The third book was a bit better, not as bad as the second but again not as good as the first.

I am all for happy endings but it all seemed a little too easy. After saying that though, I am really sad that I have come to the end.
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My favorite part if the whole series us book 1 when christian says "i dont make love. I ****.... hard!" Hahaha hes like my dream guy

I loved the trilogy...It's guess it's because I kinda wish someone loved me the way Christian loves Anastasia. Completely unconditionally, willing to kill or die for her sigh...Willing to give up his oh so naughty ways for I've forgotten what romance is. I've never had it from my husband. He just doesn't know how to be romantic...and i've been starving for romance. So Christian and Ana...cheers.

It is normal that we want a "Christian", I thought Fifty Shades of Grey was just another romance fantasy- the romantic genre- that provides provides perfect triangular satisfaction for women: ‘fatherly protection, motherly care, and passionate adult love' with a slight kink to it....I believe women-including myself- like to read the romance genre because the failed i.e "real romance" is unable to provide these satisfactions. To me, it felt great to identify with Anastasia and escape the grim reality of life for a short while... wrote what I've been thinking and afraid to say. Deep down I too "want a "Christian."

Thank you all for the posts! I thought was going crazy for being extremely sad over a book!

I just finished it this week. Overall, I loved it. However, the ending was a little too sweet. Too much of a fairytale. I'm a little depressed that it's ended also.

I too just finished fifty shades. I have become depressed after reading these books. I tend to get wrapped up in books and Christian is definitely one to get wrapped up in. I think a lot of us women want to meet that "bad boy" who falls so head over heals in love with us that he is willing to do anything.

Yep...but unfortunately that's not what we get :(

But you could there are many men out there who would love to give you all of it and more. I am a kinkster and I am involved in a large BDSM community and I feel you should know that a lot of the ideas behind Mr. Grey are not a valid nor accurate look at our lifestyle. Many of us find the books highly offensive as we feel it misses almost all of the deeper meanings of our relationships.

Hi.. I'm absolutely in agreement that the first book was the best. I too struggled to come to terms with Christian's absolute lifestyle change. In fact, I found it a little lame that he seemed to turn to absolute mush! Book three did indeed pick up a little, although by then I was getting a little tired of reading the same words used to describe Christian (mercurial, trousers hanging from his hips, etc, etc). I generally prefer more meaty literary works, so I appreciate that this was never going to be up there with an Oscar Wilde :) Still, they were deliciously indulgent on occasions and absolutely the stuff of the author's fantasy. Every likes a little voyeurism on occasions I think :)

Hey!! you have to share :0

I love Fifty Shades!! I read all 3 in just over a week - like you I couldn't put the books down - my work friends are all reading them, its like a fever!<br />
My fav was the first book - and I'm now reading it again as I couldn't put my mind to reading another book - I def had withdrawal symptons (sad I know )<br />
Not too bothered about a film though as it wouldn't be possible to put all that feeling and action into a book - even an X rated one<br />
<br />
I was in love with Christian before I even got to the sex parts in the book<br />
I'm now thinking how sad I sound so best crawl back into my hole (with Fifty of course)