It really annoys me when someone withdraws from an argument instead of standing their ground & arguing their makes me feel like they don't believe in what they're saying or they are not willing to resolve a conflict...really ticks me off
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I've had this same conflict with my soon to be ex husband & it made me look at him as less than a man b/c he would always leave me & run back to live with his momma like really who does this immature behavior?!!

Hey i would stand my ground, against you or anyone

I appreciate that!

Thanks, and if ends up in a fist fight, i hope you will honor, your word and fight

I fight dirty though, you might be using your fists but I'll be using all my body parts & whatever objects I can get my hands on

thats not a problem, just as long you use fists as well i can be like you in a fight,

No you have to fight how you fight while I fight how I fight...otherwise you're just copying me, plus you'll be fighting like a girl which is just unacceptable if you're a guy and have any self-respect

no i'm not copying, you want me to fight you like a guy thats fine i'll fight you like that i'll use my fists on you no problem,

Thank you, I would prefer that

great, then you wouldent mind a black eye, a bleeding mouth and nose, but i would want you to use fists just as well make one hell of a good fight between us

I'm pretty sure I would win...

if you win no worries, but my pride will be dented, i,ll ask for another one to even the score, what if i win

Lol if you win, I'll gladly bow down to your superior skills & shake your hand

nice to know, would you challenge me to fight again

Well I'm really not much of a rematch person...tournaments like the World Series where teams play over and over again...or the NBA finals with multiple games kind of annoys me...I'm more a Super Bowl kind of chick, one chance to prove what you've got, you know? But I'd fight again just for fun honor in it though

thats a fair good reply, i'm sure i could tempt you to fight again just like the first one, have a real proper fight till one gives again

Look, you fight dirty against me and you'll lose. When people fight dirty they are not calm, they cannot think properly. People like me use brains in boxing. Dodge weave, slip then attack go back, dance around a bit, **** your opponent off because that's when they get angry and try to fight dirty but if you fight dirty your guard is down, that's when I knock you out.

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