here is something to tell, i have been in contact with "fairydust1986", for a few days even messaged each other via our personal e-mail addresse's, any way i asked her if she likes to fight, on here she said yes, after a few ping pong message's we did reach an agreement for us to fight each other, she told me she aint scared and would love the challenge, to fight, but since this agreement, she has ceased contact with me, so assume she was just all talk and no back up,, just like the rest who tell me they fight me and chicken out after, if she said no to a fight in the first place it wouldent be to bad but as she wanted to do it. now she has backed out, getting fed up with these wind up people,
secretad secretad
51-55, M
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Why do you want to fight a girl? Lol

Sec, I can't believe you haven't found one woman to fight you yet! What's wrong with this site? It used to be fun and deviant, or again, at least fun. Everyone seems a bit too young or uptight anymore. I'm still hoping you can find that bad *** woman who'll follow through and possibly knock you out! lol.
Nice to see your tenacity.

hey, thanks for the comment, as i said to many loud mouthed bitche's all mouth but no back up to follow on