Cool, I'm Not Alone

wow, I'm glad i found this group, i've been thinking for a long time, too many people portray fire as evil. Whenever i take an online test to find what element i am, the ones for fire are always like "i wanna destroy the world" or "i wanna kill somebody", but fire isn't evil at all. I like fire, it's fun to watch it sometimes, but i don't go around setting things on I just like to watch it, it's always moving, changing, but somehow staying the same, i can't describe it. It's almost like it's alive, it grows, eats, reproduces (put a stick to a campfire and you'll get a 'baby' fire on the stick)it moves around, it's carbon why isn't it considered alive? is it cause it doesn't think? plants don't think...
PhoenixReborn PhoenixReborn
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1 Response Apr 3, 2007

Hey, I agree! And fire + marshmallows = M..M.. Good! lol