Growing Flames

Have you ever set yourself on fire ?  My best friend asked me ..... and we agreed for him to "tease" me with lighter fluid and matches
for me to get my clothes burning and feel the sensational thrill of the spreading flames up my body.
It was a fantastic experience !  I have always loved to watch stunt men in movies burn like torches. I never realised what it entailed.
With some basic protection - several layer of cotten gear I could remain in fire for almost a minute without feeling any pain.
I watched the progress of the flames in my large mirror and my friend supervised the fire. What a sight - and it was ME who burned.
Finally I was pushed under the shower and the fire was killed, but already the following day when I was alone I started another fire
in my clothes. So easy and such a thrill !  YES, I like fire.......
guyalight guyalight
70+, M
Aug 1, 2010