Raise Money For Meningitis Research Through Fishing



Raise money for meningitis research


I dont know how many of you reading this have been affected by someone close losing their lives to meningitis but for those of you who have then i can sympathise with you. Those who have not then i ask you to help me raise money for the Meningitis research foundation to help prevent this illness from taking someone close to you.

My nephew Jake died at the age of 6 years old from meningitis and it ripped out my soul. So, after a long time of soul searching i have wrote a book of 195 pages about fishing. Now i know some of you dont go fishing or will never go fishing but maybe you know somone who does, or, maybe you could get it for someone you know lkes to go fishing as a gift.

This book is full of great information and i do know a bit about the sport as i have been involved with it for 30 years, so, there is quite a bit of experience that has gone into it. What i ahve done is made a webpage that allows people to either download 125 pages of this book for free or they can donate £3 to go toward the meningitis charity and recieve the full version of it.

If you follow this link it will take you to the website i have built to try and raise some money. You will need to fill in the webform on the right of the page then that will take you to the download and donate page. On this page you have three options, either go directly to the meningitis site to donate on their site, donate £3 for the book and then i will send the donations dedicated in my nephews name which is Jake terrence lumley, i have just sent Ian benningfield who is the head of the research foundation charity and fund raising an e-mail after my recent phone call with him prior to writing this to set this up then finally you can download the 125 pages for free and if you like what you read there is a link to the donate page from within the book, this allows you to donate and get the full version.

The reason i need your e-mail is to send you the password for the free and full versions because they are needed to download the books from the download area. You will also notice that i have already converted the files into prc form to allow the book to be read from a kindle should you have one.

click on this link and submit your e-mail to get to the donate page thank you.


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Wonderful thing to do in honor of Jake.