Good Luck And Bad Luck

I've had some good luck catching some large fish but there were two incidents where I lost two fish because of stupid people getting in the way of things. I realed in the biggest small mouth I've ever caught and some guy near by ran and scooped up my fish because it broke my line. But some guy grabbed my fish and through it back in the river and I was angry. He said it wasn't season for them and the DNR would be watching but in fact it was a legal fish to keep. I didn't even get a chance to measure that fish but would guess it was 22-24 inches.

Another time up north with my family for a fishing trip my brother was getting my fish over the boat and unhooked the fish. But my luck my brother drops it back over the boat, I flipped his hat in the water I was so bad. It was like a 28 inch walleye or so, didn't get a chance to measure it. The best way would have been by netting the fish but no my brother said he had it, yeah right.
nschanen nschanen
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1 Response Dec 6, 2012

That was some bad luck, maybe next time will be better for you. :)