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I like all kinds of different Folk music. I think my favorite would be Celtic Folk music though. I have a whole collection of Lyrics that are all Irish and Scottish Folk music and I continually am looking for more to add to it. I also like fantasy folk music and have quite a few songs of that as well. Other than that whatever kind I can find is usually good too. Maybe I'll post some of the songs I've found on here later. That way if someone has never seen them they'll get to enjoy them too. Bye for now though.

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oh Julie Fowlis goes to my investigate list. I myself lie fusion folk/rock and prog folk too... mostly Autumn has a good celtic edge to its mostly rock music. Iona is nice and there is te new age/folky tunes of loreena mckennitt. Jetro Tull had songs of the woods which was a pretty folky album. The Dubliners fro Irish folk are worth chekicgn out, Runrig too and Wolfstone and maybe Da Dannan too they had spin off of Bohemian Rhapsody on what of their albums. lots of more stuff. Folky sounds I really really like.

Thanks MacNaBracha. I haven't heard her. I'll have to go look her up and see what she's like. Although if it's Celtic I'm sure I'll enjoy it.

Your Welcome. Hope you enjoy

Depends on what your looking for. If you want Irish then I would suggest, The Chieftains or Danny Doyle. If you want Scottish try The Jacobite's - pipe and drum band, there are more I am sure you would like but I would really just surf around on the net and see what you can find. Some of them you may like some you may not. I have a few other suggestions as well, but they are not necessarily considered Celtic, I don't think.. The Jolly Roger's , Heather Alexander solo and with her band Uffington Horse, look up Music by Mercedes Lackey, one of her popular Cd's is called Freedom, Flight and Fantasy you can find it at Firebird Arts & Music. Oh and definately check out Loraina McKennett (Sorry folks if I spelled her name wrong.)