I have seen wedgies on tv and wanted to try one to see what it felt like. It felt pretty good. I have given wedgies to others before and I like the feeling of giving wedgies. I have been reading up on types of wedgies and was amazed ny how many there were. I found out there is such a thing as a wedgie slave. I am now wanting a wedgie slave. I don't like getting wedgies ALL the time. I do enjoy giving wedgies or watching others get them. I would love a wedgie slave between the ages of 17-21. IT HAS TO BE A GIRL. I am currently living in Salina, KS. If you live around Salina, KS then shoot me an email at I will then send you an email explaing what to do. I am also wanting someone who can send pictures of wedgie. I will want pictures of the underwear before the wedgie, a picture of the underwear after the wedgie, and pictures of the slave or someone else putting food in the underwear. Then pictures of the wedgie with food in it. I really want a wedgie slave.
sportsfan101 sportsfan101
18-21, M
Dec 6, 2012