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Slip Of The Towel

My wife and I had talked about her revealing her body to another man.

Hoping this becomes reality..........she is still being conservative.
One day, she came home from work with a guy friend. She left him in the
living room with me to talk and went to take a shower. When she was done,
she came back in the living room and proceeded to drop the towel down so
that he could have a look at her.

The guy looked at me and grinned and said wow very nice..........

Needless to say, she was insatiable as we allowed him to touch and fondle
her for a while...........

To be continued

As far as continuing the story - of course I would eventually want my wife to enjoy herself by playing with her gentlemen friend that she brought home.
We have discussed these types of scenarios but with her being conservative and not quite ready to break out of her comfort level, these things remain a fantasy to me.

I showed her the following picture and she had a coy look and bit her bottom lip - it was a totally erotic sexy look - I really believe this picture got her thinking more about possibly making a move:

I figure that with the excitement that the above picture caused my wife,,,,it has made her think about some possibilities.   So I added the next picture to the fold and suggested if she has a hand on another guys **** she may as well continue - she would likely be wet below is a picture of how I fantasize it........

pluris pluris 51-55, M 7 Responses Feb 6, 2013

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Your wife is gorgeous.

Not my wife ozroller - just fantasy pics is all - BUT my wife is gorgeous

hi pluris please post a pic of her, all us would love to envy your luck.

Put of having sex with her for about three weeks and invite a suitable friend around for drinks of an evening and see how things develop.

WOW, Yet another super HOT fantasy Pluris!!! I so hope all of your dreams do come true one day, you a very lucky guy to have your wife even thinking and considering some of your fantasy's!!! Again, awesome pictures my friend!! Keep up the great work!!!! :)

Well Beachguy - it still remains a fantasy, but it helps my fantasies to write them out and add some pics to the story as it gives me some reality.........thanks for stopping by and commenting

I'd say the spark of interest is there in her. In your other comments you say you have photos of her ... have you thought about posting a couple of tame ones that she can't really ob<x>ject to but would get some good comments that you could then show her? No doubt you'd have to suffer her wrath but once she'd calmed down she'd admit she was flattered by the comments. You could then get her to pic the next pic you put up for comments. And so the slow, sensual, slippery path is joined :)

Thanks for the input Invigorated, this is definitely something worth considering....

nicely done

Thanks for the comment hornydeen1

Nice pictures to add to you're storys it gives us readers a play by play when we read

simply hott