Show Me Her Legs

This story happened when my wife and went dancing at a bar when after a few drinks my wife Vicky was very drunk. As we were leaving she tripped and fell onto the floor by two female security officers. As I tried to help my wife off the floor her short skirt rode up nearly exposing her thighs. I noticed the security guards looking at my wife with lust. They tried to look up her skirt and then one of them said "go on boy show us her legs!" It was so hot and sexy being ordered by a woman to expose my wife's body to her.

I felt so excited and got a huge erection as I said "can I please show you her *****, *** and breasts?" I felt giddy with excitement as I slowly moved my wife so the female security officers got a good view iPlayer my wife's skirt then pulled her legs apart and lifted up my wife's skirt expose her panties. I then her panties off exposing her ***** then beggedbyhe female security officers to look and enjoy. I begged them to play with my wife's exposed ***** and take turns ******* her. I carried my wife to their office and ******** her naked and made my wife rub her face in their ******* and lick their clits. I let the women **** my wife and played with my **** begging them to makemy wife lesbian.
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1 Response Dec 4, 2012

if yur wife turned lesbian yu kno you wuld loose her ryt?