A New Start

A New Start.

By: MeWritten on December 4th, 2012Julie left the nightclub and started to walk home alone after arguing with her best female friend Diane. She was drunk and very angry. As she walked into a dark secluded Alley she used as a short cut then she heard footsteps behind her so she started to walk quicker. Then suddenly she was grabbed from behind. She tried to break free from the strong hands that grabbed her but panicked and froze as her attacker pulled her back towards himself and wrapped his arms round her to grope her beautiful breasts with his left hand and force his right hand into her pants to play with her *****. She felt his hard **** against her butt. Her attacker pulled off her clothes and threw her to the ground and then she felt his naked body climb onto her and ram his **** into her hot *****.As he lay on her ******* her Julie noticed his **** felt unreal and strange. Then she felt a new but beautiful soft divine feeling of a pair of soft warm breasts touch and rub into hers. She lovef the feeling of naked breast and loved the ferling if soft nipples rubbing over hers. She nearly came. Then as she opened her eyes she saw that it was her best friend Diane raping her with a strap on. She suddenly relaxed and submitted to her friends attack and even started to respond going wild with desire and love. Julie had never thought of touching another girls breasts and *****. But now she wanted to and needed to so she did. She felt the wonderful feeling of falling in love with her attacker and had her first lesbian ******. She realised that the love making of girl on girl was beyond imagination and better than being with a boy. She knew she was turning lesbian. As she came she shouted "Diane, I love you! **** me! I love you!"
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Dec 4, 2012