She's With Me.

This happened many years ago when I was 18 when I asked a really pretty girl out on a date. We arranged to meet in a bar we drank in. When I got there my new girlfriend Sue was with a female friend called Anne. I walked up to them and asked Sue to join me. "She's with me! And she's not going with you!" Snapped Anne angrily. "She's my girlfriend!" I replied. Then Anne told me she didn't care about that as Sue was now with her. I was about to argue with with Anne but when I noticed the way she was looking at my new girlfriend I felt a sudden surge of excitement and tingling in my groin. "Are you a lesbian? " I asked Anne. "What if I am?" Asked Anne. "I would love it if you are a lesbian. I love lesbians,." I said getting more excited "do you find Sue attractive?" I asked Anne. "Yes I am and yes I do." Anne laughed.

Are you a lesbian?" I asked Sue. "No!" Sue relied. I then asked Sue if she thought Anne was sexy and pretty. Sue admitted she did, so I begged her to go on date with Anne. Sue looked at me and shook her head. I then asked Sue to look at Anne to let herself become sexually attracted to Anne. "Just relax and look at her body. Look at her pretty face, sexy breasts, female waist, hips and legs. Now just think about looking at makes you feel." I told Sue. "Admit it to yourself that she turns you on and you want to date her and become her lesbian girlfriend. ". I was too excited to stop myself. "Let yourself became a lesbian" I begged my girlfriend. Sue kept looking at Anne and when Anne stared lovingly into Sues eyes and kissed her on her lips Sue gave in and accepted Anne's advances. "You win Anne as not only is she with you but she is your girlfriend now."

I felt a surge of excitement as Anne took Sue by her right hand and led her away.
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Dec 15, 2012