My Kind Of Foreplay

The skin of my lover is so warm under cover.
As my finger tips become my eyes, they gaze across her thighs.
In the dim shade of night, it’s a tango of desire and delight.
Speechless with so many words to say, lost in the ecstasy of fore play.
It’s truly an expression of utter infatuation, I give into her will.
Her playful flirtation, our exhilaration, time stands still.
With her gentle caress across my chest, she steals my breath away.
With my blood racing and my eyes gazing, she steals my heart away.
As she touches my face I tighten my embrace, reaching for her kiss.
The closer she gets I anticipate her lips, anxious for this beautiful bliss.
Our lips connect, I stand erect; I never felt more like a man.
Forceful and gentle, our moment sentimental, this is where our love began.
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Aug 10, 2010