Before The Bedroom

Good foreplay begins long before the clothes come off.

It can start days in advance. When my teenager is invited to sleep at a friend's, my thoughts immediately go to how my husband and I will spend the evening.

I call him and let him know the house will be ours for a night.  Neither of us says anything outright.  We stay in our heads, spinning our own delicious fantasies.

That morning I'll get a text.  Sweet, loving, telling me how he can't wait to be home.  I text him the same, and go about my day.  All the while, desire is already building.  A slow burn that only hints at arousal. 

After I drop my daughter off, I return to my empty house.  I go to shower, and I take my time.  I want to feel pristine.  Perfectly prepared just for him.  I send him a picture of my smooth legs.  He texts me back a needing groan, promising he will be here soon.  The desire is now unleashed.  I am  warm and wanting.  As I get into bed, I hear the front door open.  Warm is now hot and eager.  Desperate to take all of him into me without the need of one kiss or nuzzle...

...but we won't rush things.  The house is ours.  We'll continue our foreplay for as long as we possibly can. 
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7 Responses Sep 16, 2012

I bet this woman has a happy husband!!! :-)

Dear Wife and I do something similar, in a routine way. I have an early-Sunday-morning task, and when I return home she is watching TV in bed, wearing just a nightgown. Silent, I undress in the dark, and as the last piece of clothing dissolves from her view she reaches over and turns the covers down on my side of the bed. I crawl in, we kiss, and I press my full length against her. The kissing continues, spreading to jaw, neck, ear, and down her neck, upper chest. She pulls her nightie upward, and my lips seek her nipples. We take it slow from there ....

i second u for this.. and my husband is so keen on delaying it to the limit we just loose our control and we go wild :)

You are so fortunate to share this with the man you love!

Nice post,you are very much in love. :-)

A very welcoming "welcome home". Nice!

Great story, Taken. Anticipation can be such a huge and sexy tension builder! You should be sending your daughter for these sleepovers more often, me thinks :)