I love foreplay...I think it is one of the most important and exciting parts of being with someone. Especially for the first time. When everything is already new and exciting....something about the exploration of what someone likes is a real turn on.

Sometimes a look can do it, or a slight tilt of the head.....a knowing arch of an eyebrow. I guess it depends on how much you wanna rip the other persons clothes off in that moment. But longer, more drawn out foreplay.....heightens the excitement to another level. Kissing someone slowly down their neck....biting a little. Tracing circles across hip bones, running nails across the back of someone's neck. Touching everywhere you possibly can to build up the excitement and the need to have someone. It can be totally electric. There are so many ways to turn someone on, sometimes even without touching them.

Mental foreplay...telling someone what you want to do to them, someone the hint of what is to come later....can run through your mind all day. This type of build up has an amazing effect when you eventually get together.

There are people who don't like foreplay, and prefer to just get straight down to it. I personally think that it is something to be enjoyed...and I definitely prefer the build up, it makes the end result so much more satisfying. I think physical and mental foreplay are important to a healthy sexual relationship, and it is always fun to explore with someone else.

I love foreplay, but then I love sex, so the two together is always a winner for me...
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3 Responses Nov 28, 2012

If you skip the foreplay part you are defo missing out ,nothing like a slow,erotic build up and when the orgasmic explosion comes it should be like a volcano erupting.

Sexy is mindful, boasting with pleasure...
Bursting in passion,
Thriving by fire
Burning delicately, by a fierce heat...never to be extinguished
Playful in delight...satisfying a desire...a be quenched

Lust passionately lives though foreplay
The way a fire needs to breathe air in order to burn deeper and harder with an insatiable appetite

Thanks Angel

Well said (:

I do! This may make me weird... But if I can get a good couple hours of foreplay... I'd be ok without actually having sex.

Well I sure wouldn't turn it down!