Have To Include Foreplay

I adore doing 4play and building the sexual energy between my husband and me. We spend lots of time touching, kissing, and teasing each other before moving on to the rest. I love to suck him before sex and often get carried away and keep going until he **** in my mouth, which is fine also. There is always round 2 after he gets me off orally. Love kisses all over my body, specially neck, breasts, and butt. Our usual motto could be "no play without 4play" LOL
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Love your stories. Add me please?

I wish that was every couples motto. Horrible when only one wants that. Foreplay makes it sooooo much better and more intense. The mental images, smells, sights and tastes before the actual sex makes it usually mind blowing.

it's a must! Let it build.. Gaining emotional and sensual momentum.. It makes the experience..and the joinging together.. Sooo much better... And as a bonus... Incredible *******! :)