Yes! It's the preparation before the act. And it is an art not everyone has these skills. Not everyone knows that the whole body can be used as a sexual instrument. Everything has its uses it's just a manner of discovering them and applying them. I turn my whole body into ***** when I have sex. Foreplay is the transformation process.
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Foreplay is more exciting than the sex act. To spend hours working towards the climax is what sex should be all about.

Rubbing nighties together so silky.

OH MY Gosh! You read my mind. lol

So true some are better than others at foreplay.

You are exactly right!!!!! Foreplay sets the mood, evolves it through the excitement and prepares you for the climax, the ******....the height of what you are striving to attain.

Bravo, Rainbowlovefire!!!

Add me. Wanna message you

Have verbal foreplay now?

No thanks I'm a sensualist in the real world

Reading your works, I got the impression you also fantasized. My bad. Hugs!

I act out my fantasies

Lol these are all real experiences not fantasies :) but I do love that it appears that way

Was just offering some help I could supply the necessary male parts.

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Well said

Thank you *bows*

absolutely! Exploring your partner's body with eyes, lips & tongue is a wonderful experience . . . and watching them writhe in pleasure & excitement til they explode is amazing!!

Love foreplay for hours - add me

I totally agree. During foreplay, I so much enjoy seeing and hearing my partner as she moves from a state of warmth, to simmer, and finally to an explosive full blown boil. As she experiences these feelings, I feel them at the same time!

Nothing better than tastong a woman where she tasts the most like herself :-)