Foreplay, Is It The New Sex?

Foreplay, is it the new sex? I mean think about it! You meet some one that you connect with in some way, then there is the innocent flirting. The brushing of hair out of the face, removing imaginary lint, playfully hitting. Or there are e-mails, texts and instant messages, all avenues to flirt innocent or not, but it is there. The flirtatious words start and the sexual tension begins, then touching starts. It builds up, like a bubble. It starts out small but then it gets bigger. Then after all the flirting there is the actual sexual foreplay. The long and short passionate kisses the touching through clothes, the bubble gets alittle bigger. After all that, the clothes comes off and then there is the massaging of each other. The kissing of every body part and maybe a little kissing and nibbling. Hands are moving bodies are rubbing, the bubble is at the point of bursting. Then the sex comes it can either be amazing or a failure, but other wise the foreplay was the greatest. So I have to ask you, is foreplay possibly the new sex?

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Adequate foreplay is the prelude to mind blowing sex!
Foreplay is what sets the mood, inspires the interest, builds the sexual tension, and puts you to the edge of .... well you know :D

That is very true. I hadn't even thought of that! I will have to start telling every one, "Sorry no sex! I only want the foreplay!" I wonder how that would go over?! lol

Good way to stay away from STD's if you just stick with fore play

Pran, you are right. I feel more connected the more we touch. I have learned that I don't want just sex, I want the connection and tenderness, or not. Depending on what the role is for the night! LOL

WOW! I am at a loss for words and that is a first. I wish you guys could see the smile on my face! LOL I wish I could get that connection again with my husband. He is working on it and getting just slightly better about touching. Thanks for showing me that I am not the only one out there who likes all thouching, kissing, and teasing.

"I love the touching and the raw intensity of it!" Yes my dear that IS the sex. Problem is most guys were never taught how sex really works or more to the point how sex with a woman really works. Foreplay can be side glances that begin first thing in the morning and tiny little things that happen all day, maybe even all week. Then when you get the chance to "Go To Your Room" then the long touches should begin and nothing should be hurried ever. That is when the build up begins. <br />
<br />
What happened at your friends house and worked so well was you having been wound up for a long time and a tongue will always make the throttle work really fast along with the other stimulation. Imagine if that same event played out much slower? You might just now be getting back to earth. For me being with a woman is not an event~she is the event.<br />
<br />
May all your tongue depressors be tongues.

fore play , is something whihc is a Sex Charger , aphrodisiac , to sex.. and its best when you do it ,ocassionally .

I need my husband to read this! LOL I love the touching and the raw intensity of it!

I totaly agree with you!

I am all for it! If it is the new sex, then sign me up! Foreplay is almost the best part!