New Games

I was just reading some stories about coed parties.  I guess the idea is to get a lot of feels in and see how wet the women get.  Not a bad idea.  Most of the games were played in the dark which gave me an idea.  My wife has had medical issues where we had to be real careful in bed.  She could only get in certain positions and only stay in certain postitions for so long.  We had to have a light on so I didn't put too much weight on certain parts of her body.  But she is getting better now.

Here is my idea.  Wear clothes that you don't care if they get ripped or damaged.  We have a nice big walk in closet which is carpeted so we go in there and turn out the light.  Don't give your eyes time to adjust, just start kissing and pawing at each other.  Tear the clothes off of each other and have sex. 

Anybody got any other ideas or variations??

gettinsum1 gettinsum1
56-60, M
Feb 20, 2010