Alright- torture has transformed considerably and importantly from around the 18th century and continues to change today. Foucault explores the changes of torture and how it provides important insight into social, cultural, and psychological changes in Europe especially in the 18th and 19th centuries. The important change he focuses on is the shift from torture as a public event to torture as an abstract depersonalized law mandated procedure.
What is the reason it changed? Well, the main reason is that Enlightenment culture made old systems of justice unjust and having people amputated, disemboweled, and seen as a human who deserved huge punishment was considered insanity. So, the change of culture and modern forms of justice made it totally impossible for the old forms of torture to continue.
There was much more going on as well. But for now, ill see if it is worth posting my thoughts publicly about this.
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Ooo this is really interesting. It would be great if you would write more on this subject; it's amazing to think that the old justice forms of punishment (disembowelment, etc) were really not that long ago.