Blue Eyes II

Buenos Aires, August 3, 1981. I enter the luxurious Sheraton Hotel where big star Frank Sinatra is going to perform for the first -and last -time through a series of shows (6) from Tuesday till Friday (plus other 2 at the Luna Park Stadium) Can you imagine how frightened I felt? Overwhelmed is the word. I had bought my ticket a few days ago (its cost: u$1000) about to live an experience I had deadly longed for.  Frank Sinatra was in town!

 So I breath deeply and ask in the lounge for the number of Don Costa´s room, phone him with no answer and finally decide to search for the aquaintance up to his suite knocking at the door to find one. Can you imagine a teenager by her own,scared like a dove, knocking twice? Well, thanks heaven somebody opened... the next door. Somebody who politely invited me to enter his suite and await for Mr. Costa in a comfortable way.

 Next he introduces himself as Lee and asks me: What do you want to see Don to? guessing my intentions about Frank (I just hunkered to see him somewhere, somehow) So I confessed.

His answer? That´s imposible. He needed but a phone call to changed his mind ´thou and say: Come tomorrow afternoon, exactly at three o´clock and you´ll see him... at the Press conference. Gee! 


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Mar 1, 2008