Momma D's

Not that long ago, I wouldn't eat French toast if you paid me.  But somewhere along the line, while I was staying with my girlfriend, her mom made French toast for us.  I didn't want to be rude, so I (reluctantly) ate a piece.

Instant addiction.

Well, at first it was just Momma D's toast.  For a long time I still wouldn't eat it unless Momma D made it.  Then Fey (my GF) and I were eating at an IHOP, and she suggested I get the special.  It was (you guessed it) French toast.  I tried to refuse.  "But Plaid," she protested,  "you eat my mom's French toast all the time.  How can you say you don't like it?"

She had a point.

I ordered it.  And while it wasn't as good as Momma D's French toast (nothing is) it was pretty darn good. 
Plaid Plaid
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great story