French Toast Mmmm

i do enjoy french toast. I have made it at home. It is always good with cinammon mixed in with the eggs i dip it in before frying. I will add more cinammon n sugar and butter when i serve it. I love that Sonic has it 24/7/365 whenever i get the urge for some and theirs is good too :) lol

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Me too.

Oh , lol now i'm hungry! :) xo yummy! I use my home made apricot jam :)

Oh my home made apricot jam... love that stuff :) You kitchen goddess you .. heehee ..

Add some nutmeg and/or cardamom. And mashed bananas on the side with a touch of vanilla and cardamom...yummy.

ohhhh nutmeg, cardamon, vanilla, mashed bananas. You are very creative and have my mouth watering thinkin about it! Fabulous ideas and i will try :) Thank you lovie :)

You're welcome chica...enjoy!! :D

Thanks :) mmmmm yummy :)

sounds great

With a little syrup and powdered sugar and butter ? oh my ..