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Heavy in egg, with madagascar vanilla, honey, salt, cream, and pumpkin pie spices, it must be made with an eggy bread like challah. Fried in irish butter or coconut butter till crunchy on the edges, then lightly dusted with some powdered sugar, then covered with a fresh assortment of berries....yum.
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irish butter? madagascar vanilla? my aren't you ms. fancy pants!

but it does sound delicious. if you made it for me, i'd eat every bite and still call you fancy pants though :-)

I might not give you any....if you called me ms. fancy pants! :p lol

I keep that stuff around all the time...if you're gonna get butter, it should be irish butter, and if you are gonna buy vanilla, it should be madagascar vanilla!!! I thought you said you were a good cook! :)

sounds great

Oh yea.. moi aussi.
Luv em on a Saturday morning.

What does heavy in egg mean to you? Thank you for starting my mind moving toward my evening meal 7 hours in advance. Will probably have to visit the snack machine shortly.

I think this link will answer that: