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Eat 'em Up Yum

I love deep fried catfish, in fact I fried up a batch last night. I don't like the way the deep fryer smells up the house, but eating the fresh deep fried catfish makes it worth it. Most people from around these parts eat their catfish with hush puppies but I find them a bit too greasy and prefer fries myself. Then again, If the right person cooked the hush puppies just right I'm sure I'd love them.

neonshades neonshades 51-55, M 3 Responses Feb 27, 2010

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I cant get it here and I live in Arkansas even though it is made in south Louisiana. I order it online at<br />
You can get just one can if you want. the original in yellow can is what you want to try. Great simple Cajun seasoning.

I've never seen that seasoning in stores here, sounds tasty though!

Try sprinkling the fillets with a little SLAP YA MAMA. Or mixing it into the batter.