My First Time

We had been friends for a while, both 7 years old, showering naked together after a day at the beach, sleeping in the same bed on a sleepover, just being innocent boys. We were both cute boys for our age, slim-toned and active physically. We were very different, me being more girly and passive playing with the girls most of the time while he was masculine, very much into boy stuff like working on improving his tree house or playing sports, but he still liked me as a friend since we lived on the same street and grew up together. As our friendship grew, my attraction beyond friendship grew for him. He always had these adult stories he heard from other people and the sexual things he knew always intrigued me and just amplified my attraction to him.

One day, we were at a local church that was under construction, just exploring the barren rooms and I wanted to feel him so I devised a wrestling game where it was like playing "mercy" but lying down with me on top of him. He thought it was weird but we did it. As I started grinding my **** fully clothed on his, he was like "oh did you just wanna rub our dicks together?" and then he got up, dropped his pants, and told me to do the same. I got back on top of him and he took charge, thrusting his pelvis upwards while clamping his arms around my waist so I wouldn't wiggle out of position. It felt amazing, our small, limp, undeveloped ***** started to heat up with the friction and finally we got that euphoric feeling, and we stopped. We didn't *** because we couldn't yet. But the sensation came quickly and it was over so fast. We never talked about it after that, but he knew I liked guys and kept it to himself as the years progressed. We remained friends for a few more years but never did it again.

We lost touch around high school, different groups of friends, and every time we run into each other it is an uncomfortable feeling, both of us silent and avoiding eye contact.

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This is such a beautiful and a positive experience and feeling. Love doesn't always have to be between a man and a woman.
It is very sad that you both developed feelings of shame and guilt about it.
It must have been heart breaking to come across each other and avoid talking or eye contact. He must also remember enjoying that beautiful moment in time.

So sweet, heartwarming and truly yummy and erotic. Thanks for posting. Wanna chat sometime about similar stories? Please contact me ;-)

I was too inhibited to do frottage as a boy, having been strictly brought up, but I did it later. However at my boys' grammar school there were two senior boys who did it regularly in view of others. They'd wrestle fully clothed in a far corner of the school playing field, grinding their crotches together. They'd carry on doing this for ages and we all knew they didn't stop until they'd *** inside their grey flannel trousers. These must have been in quite a state inside, given the number of times they did it.

I never had an opportunity for frottage. As a kid I had nights at other friends houses, and we played around, but never did frottage. I think it might have been interesting, but we were very young, and that never developed.

I had a few encounters like that growing up, but we didn't have the guilt , so much. Just let it ride. We moved on and had "normal" sexual relationships with girls later on. At the time it was natural. I still get turned on by the memory. It was great at the time.