I Love The Contact

I have an experience that still makes me hard, and I want to relive it. Hopefully someone in St louis will read this and we can get in touch
When I was in sixth grade, my best friend and neighbor Chuck were like brothers, we had sleepovers and hung out, but one day we
somehow began wrestling in our underwear We were probably just working testosterone out of our systems, but we started wrestling
and rolling back and forth on the floor. I had no idea we had feelings like this for each other, but his **** rubbed mine, and then we
rolled around some more, really getting into this. Our ***** were hard by now but we didn't care, we just kept struggling to get on top
Chucks **** slipped out the leg hole as he mounted me and I struggled to get back on top as he dragged his hardening **** across m
my thigh, it felt so good, I never wanted to get up. I tried to get out from under and he hooked his feet into my ankles and locked me
in a pin. His mouth went to my neck as my hard **** slipped out of the leg hole and rubbed against Chucks.
His mouth sucked my neck, and our ***** rubbed until I was about to ***. Chuck released me, but he knew he owned me from then on
Now, i discover that I'm not the only guy who wants to rub *****, and I am so glad to find you all.
Wrte me if you like

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1 Response Nov 13, 2010

My partner and I have been wrestling together for thirty two years. It keeps getting better since we both love to do the following. He wears speedos and I am usually naked. He puts me in a figure four body scissors from behind. I then bridge back into him. His legs squeeze hard with one leg crossed over my stomach with his foot hooked under his other leg. He then squeezes my nipples while I rock back and forth grinding my *** into his crotch. We spend as long as we can in this position. Sometimes I am able to make him *** by rubbing my back against his crotch while his legs are tightly gripping my waist. I then usually bring myself to ****** while he maintains the body scissors. I never get tired of doing this and feel fortunate to have found my perfect match.