Happy Birthday To Me!

Having found this site has brought back so many memories of my experiences. I am quite hooked on this site. When I approached my 13th birthday, my parents had to leave for a family emergancy leaving me feeling absolutely cheated and screwed. I was pissed! 13 was a big deal for me! My mom called my best friends mom and it was arranged for me to stay while my parents were gone. Oddly enough, I was actually pleased and soon my frustration faded.
Ryan was my friend and he and I just seemed suited for each other. He was 2 yrs older then I and I absolutely loved him. He was easy to talk to and in time we discovered we were both horny for each other. Whenever I stayed overnight with him, he seemed to want me to see his body. We gradually started exposing ourselves to each other.
I told Ryan my dilema when I got to his house and he listened very intently. He was a great listener and was always supportive. "I'd be upset too if that had happened to me". He said. We chatted for a few minutes and his called upstairs to us suggesting we get into our swim wear and get into the pool outback. "ok!" he yelled back. I had a suit there and Ryan gave me a evil smile and said "see, things are looking up already!" He went over to his bedroom door and closed it and returned to the bed and bent over to untie his shoes. "we get to be naked for a few minutes. I've been horny all morning!" Now I was totally over my situation and started to undress. He was naked first and stood in front of me with a partial erection. His **** was huge compared to mine and he knew I liked to look at it. He was very genorous that way. "come on, hurry up and get naked!" I stood up to get my jeans and underwear off and I was growing rapidly! I stepped out of my jeans and pulled my shirt off and now HE was fully erect. "we better do something about our penises before we go downstairs." Without warning, Ryan pressed his penis against mine, wrapped his arms around me ans started humping away. " WOW this is great, it feels really good!" I said. "my cousin taught me this last week."
I wrapped my arms around him and matched his movements. I could hear his breathing increasing and the feel of his bare penis rubbing against mine was making my head spin! "it feel so good!" he said in a barely audible voice. "I'm so turned and horny, I just wanted to have sex with you." Now it was ME getting heated up! I could feel something wet on our organs because they were being lubricated and giving us both head spinning sensations. The feel our naked bodies and penises pressed together was just overwelming and I was absolutly enjoying this new experience. He stopped for a minute, stepped back and looked down at wet, erect penises. "wanna do this in bed tonight?" I looked at his naked body and that gorgeous thick penis that was oozing precum. "Do I ever!"
We turned around and stood in front of his full length mirror. What a mesmerizing sight! Two teenage boys, stark naked, full erections covered with precum and sweat! "Are you ready to get some ***** on you?" I couldn't wait and totally forgot about that part. Inwas just enjoying having Ryan my penis with his. "Oh yah! I'm getting close myself." I answered. We pressed ourselves together and shortly there after Ryan pulled me tightly against him, started moaning quietly and after a minute or so had passed, he gasped, his body froze and I could actually feel his penis begin to jerk violently. "UMMM! UMMM! UMMM!" suddenly, wads and wads of hot ***** being sprayed all over my groin! It was the most fantastic feeling! His body was convulsing with equal violence as well. " ohhh, Im *******!! I'm *******!" he moaned. Now it was encouraging my penis. I had never felt anyone elses ***** on my body, let alone my penis! The feeling of Ryan's ***** coating my penis was enough and I started to *********. I never came so hard in my life! I was now doing what his body had just done. "ohhhh, get it all over me, A. *** on my penis!" after a few minutes if this, my ****** subsided and Ryan and I stood in the middle of his room, covered in sweat and smelling of sex. "wow, that was great! I wanna do it in bed tonight and in the shower. And did we EVER need a shower! We went into the bathroom and Ryan turned on the water, adjusted the temperature and reached down to my still erect penis and gently pulled me into the stall and we let the water wash the ***** off our bodies. He rubbed his hand all over my groin and penis, which felt as good as the ***, and I did the same to him. I spent more time rinsing his penis then necessary, but he knew how much I liked to look and feel it. He snickered and said, "you sure like that don't you?" I smiled and nodded. "it's so big!" We rinsed off thoughly so his mom wouldn't smell anything that would make her suspicious.
We got out and dried off and put our suits on. By this time, our penises had softened and we didn't have to worry about a certain bulge. We got downstairs and his mom was still on the phone with my mom sitting on the back deck. (boy she was HOT!) we got into the pool and when she went inside, we shed our suits and fondled each other. We put on underwater masks and kneeled down
in front of each other so we could look closely at each other's penis. What a turn-on having a hard-on underwater. The pool was above ground so she couldn't see what we were doing! We humped in the pool alot slower and the ******* took longer, but we didn't care. We had more fun in his bed that night and we liked it even better in the dark!
So, that's how I spent my 13th birthday! Having sex with my best friend. A
memory I will ALWAYS treasure. Hope this wasn't to long. Enjoy peeps!

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very hot!

this is word **** for me! just cummed...

i cummed reading this...i love frottage...i hope i have frottage partner...we can do it every day,,,,heheh

Thank you..excellent story..

I think men with foreskin probably do this better as the prepuce slides back and forth making it almost lubed. Smoother rubbing I think.

Just cummed my jeans

That got me SO hot. I had many similar experiences as a child. And I would love to do it again as an adult.


Great story! Made me hard and hot. You're very lucky to have had such a hot experience.

Wow, what a nice experience. I hope I could experience like you.